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  Lausanne, Switzeland, August 26, 2014 - After a historic tenth FIVB World Grand Prix title won on Sunday, Brazil’s volleyball ladies have now set their sights on a first triumph at an FIVB Volleyball Women's World Championship.

26.08.2014 16:40:31   Brazil's ladies target World Championship glory

26.08.2014 09:50:50   Ze Roberto rewarded as Brazil win World Grand Prix
24.08.2014 18:51:21   Brazil unrivalled in World Grand Prix with 10th title conquest
23.08.2014 16:58:15   Brazil and Japan set to rewrite team history in World Grand Prix title decider
23.08.2014 15:51:10   Brazil knock out Russia in title race; Japan continue unbeaten run
22.08.2014 16:02:42   Japan guarantee top three finish; Brazil keep title chase on track
22.08.2014 14:10:17   Hosts Japan win again; Russia prevail in five sets
21.08.2014 18:16:08   Turkey and Russia meet in decider; debutants Belgium take on champions Brazil
21.08.2014 15:06:22   World Grand Prix Finals: Russia, Brazil and Japan win matches on Day 2
20.08.2014 16:38:04   China look to snap losing spell against Brazil since 2008
20.08.2014 16:00:43   Asian sides top European counterparts on World Grand Prix Finals opener
19.08.2014 23:48:00   Three World Grand Prix winners topbill Final Six
19.08.2014 17:21:37   World Grand Prix Week 5: Brazil’s ball wizards set sights on historic tenth title
19.08.2014 15:00:05   Brazil and China finish top two to join World Grand Prix Finals
19.08.2014 12:29:03   Our pressure in the Finals is to play well, says Brazil coach
18.08.2014 12:11:20   Social Timeline: Top 6 women's teams head to Grand Prix finals
17.08.2014 22:18:43   All roads lead to Tokyo as World Grand Prix finalists decided
17.08.2014 21:56:15   Bulgaria outlast Czech Rep. to win World Grand Prix Group 3
17.08.2014 20:24:24   Vladimir Kuzyutkin: I’m really satisfied for the result and for what we showed on court
17.08.2014 19:49:22   Bulgaria win Group 3 to get the promotion to upper division of 2015 FIVB World Grand Prix
17.08.2014 17:32:11   Croatian satisfied, will aim higher next year
17.08.2014 16:52:00   Croatia finish third in third group
16.08.2014 23:46:08   Race for Finals heats up on penultimate day of preliminary round
16.08.2014 21:53:00   Czech Republic vs Bulgaria, a final to conquer FIVB World Grand Prix Group 3
16.08.2014 20:32:07   We are ready to face every team, Kuzyutkin claimed
16.08.2014 20:25:36   Bulgaria is the second finalist in Samokov
16.08.2014 18:26:25   Czechs: We have won our toughest match this year
16.08.2014 18:03:42   Czech Republic is the first finalist in Samokov
16.08.2014 07:06:00   Brazil stay on top amid changes in group ranking
15.08.2014 21:01:43   Coaches and players‘ view on the way to FIVB World Grand Prix Group 3 Finals
15.08.2014 11:10:47   China and Japan meet in World Grand Prix "Match of the week" programme
14.08.2014 22:17:19   Teams in Samokov are ready to roll for World Grand Prix Group 3 Finals
13.08.2014 10:28:35   Poland look to bounce back in time for Group 2 Finals
13.08.2014 07:13:22   Dutch seek first World Grand Prix top six finish since 2009
12.08.2014 16:15:06   Brazil and China sweep third week to stay in top three
12.08.2014 09:38:53   Koszalin hosts World Grand Prix Group 2 Finals
11.08.2014 16:47:25   Social Timeline: Top action, record score highlight Grand Prix week 3
11.08.2014 07:35:46   Brazil rule Group 1; Netherlands top Group 2
10.08.2014 04:09:11   Brazil roll over Russia as chasing pack all win
09.08.2014 06:29:18   Final Four of World Grand Prix's Group 2 decided
08.08.2014 10:11:40   World Grand Prix Pool N coaches expect close contest
07.08.2014 11:18:23   Brazil, Netherlands lead race in World Grand Prix group play
05.08.2014 05:35:22   Week 2 delivers World Grand Prix Group 3 finalists
04.08.2014 15:44:42   Social Timeline: Top women's teams make their mark in Grand Prix week 2
04.08.2014 04:09:29   Brazil, Netherlands, Czech Republic top group standings in World Grand Prix
03.08.2014 06:04:57   Thais topple Serbia, Turkey roll over USA in World Grand Prix
02.08.2014 06:19:26   Brazil, Russia get big opening wins in World Grand Prix
31.07.2014 15:04:48   World Grand Prix 'Match of the week' programme focuses on Turkey-Russia
30.07.2014 15:21:05   Statistical preview: Brazil begin quest for tenth World Grand Prix title
29.07.2014 10:46:09   World Grand Prix Week 2: Big twelve begin title chase
28.07.2014 17:37:40   Poland, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Bulgaria assume early pool leadership in World Grand Prix
28.07.2014 11:04:35   Social Timeline: New format, same excitement as 2014 Grand Prix begins
27.07.2014 05:53:04   Four European teams keep spotless win-records in World Grand Prix
26.07.2014 13:03:13   Czech Republic chalk second win in Almaty
26.07.2014 06:36:51   Kenya stand as sole debutant winner on World Grand Prix opener
25.07.2014 17:27:47   Africa Queens land in Mexico for FIVB World Grand Prix
25.07.2014 14:12:44   Czech Republic secure win over Croatia in World Grand Prix opener
25.07.2014 09:55:59   Mexico to stage first weekend of FIVB World Grand Prix Pool Q matches
24.07.2014 18:04:39   World Grand Prix statistical preview: Brazil eye back-to-back titles
24.07.2014 17:38:15   2014 FIVB World Grand Prix Media Guide online
24.07.2014 17:16:37   Peru intensify workouts ahead of World Grand Prix
24.07.2014 16:50:41   Kazakhstan bring in experience for World Grand Prix opening weekend in Almaty
24.07.2014 16:49:08   Argentina prepare for first weekend of World Grand Prix
24.07.2014 16:00:20   Five teams make their debuts as record-breaking FIVB World Grand Prix gets underway
24.07.2014 15:05:20   World Grand Prix: Bigger and better than ever
21.07.2014 03:41:10   Japan overcome Italy 3-1 in fourth World Grand Prix warm-up
15.07.2014 14:46:53   Kenya name final World Grand Prix team
13.07.2014 14:38:11   USA women overcome Brazil for fourth straight time
06.07.2014 13:17:32   USA women serve Brazil notice in USA Volleyball Cup opener
06.07.2014 11:30:01   Host team completes perfect run in China Women's International Tournament
05.07.2014 11:59:21   China continue winning run at second leg of China Women’s International Tournament
29.06.2014 23:47:05   Argentina come together ahead of World Grand Prix
29.06.2014 10:49:26   China claim second straight victory at women's volleyball international tournament
28.06.2014 05:44:08   China, Dominican Republic win openers at China women's volleyball international tournament
20.06.2014 11:01:10   World Grand Prix squad line-ups released
13.06.2014 21:00:01   Fabi retires from Brazilian women's volleyball
12.06.2014 13:15:32   Preparations to host World Grand Prix pool N in Lomas de Zamora move ahead
11.06.2014 09:33:48   Accreditation opens for FIVB World Grand Prix
29.05.2014 17:50:16   Brazilian star Jaqueline makes comeback in Montreux
22.05.2014 11:43:10   Bonitta names 22 players for World Grand Prix
20.05.2014 02:21:15   Manabe looking for Japan women's team to have strong motivation
19.05.2014 10:57:11   Italian women draw with Czech Republic in friendlies
09.05.2014 04:52:08   FIVB confirms completed World Grand Prix match schedule
17.04.2014 19:17:29   Makowski announces Polish 22 player roster for the year ahead
28.03.2014 16:13:23   Volleyball Australia appoint Mark Barnard coach of women’s national team ahead of World Grand Prix
12.03.2014 17:17:17   Brazil to begin bid for 10th World Grand Prix title with match against China
07.03.2014 16:27:47   World Grand Prix 2014 Finals host cities unveiled
08.01.2014 13:42:25   Destinee's child motivates her return to court
03.01.2014 09:25:00   Preview 2014 - Excitement stretching as far as Africa: the stage is set for a record-breaking World Grand Prix
04.12.2013 16:34:26   Watch: Highlights of 2014 FIVB World Grand Prix Draw
02.12.2013 14:56:39   Record 28 teams for 2014 World Grand Prix



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