FIVB - Volleyball World Grand Prix 2012

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This is a historical day for Turkey team, say coach

Ningbo, China, June 30, 2012 - Rallying past the host China 3-1, Turkey secured a medal of the World Grand Prix Finals on Saturday. Turkey coach Motta Marco Aurelio said highly of team's performance and said that this is the first ever medal won by Turkey and it is a historical day.

China captain Wei Qiuyue: Congratulate to Turkey, we have not met many times recently. I think the match is a good lesson to us. We have chances but can't convert them to the points. Turkey served very well, and our reception was not good enough and lost many chances.

Turkey captain Esra Gumus: We did a good job today and played well, China also played good. They served well and it is hard to stop them in the first set, also in the first set we made some mistakes. In other sets we played well. We are trying to get a medal in this tournament, and this match is important for the future, especially the Olympics.

China coach Yu Juemin: China will be in the same group with Turkey in the London Olympic, so the players played with high morale. But every time we playing with a team like Brazil, Turkey or Thailand, we face great troubles in reception. We are also not strong in attacking and serving. I think there are problems in our training, our players' skills are not as good as those European teams or American teams.

Turkey coach Motta Marco Aurelio:  This is a historical today for Turkey. This is the first medal awarded to turkey team. We have never won a medal in the big international tournament, this is the first time. In the last two years, we played many strong teams in the world, Russia, Brazil, China, Italy, and we have become stronger and stronger. I am happy about our performance today, we started behind, then came up and won, that showed we have capability to play against many strong teams in the world.

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01.07.2012 16:42:12
McCutcheon satisfied with USA's performance

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USA complete World Grand Prix title hat-trick

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Brazil edge past Turkey 3-1 in World Grand Prix

30.06.2012 16:26:37
USA march towards third straight World Grand Prix title

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Turkey come back from one set down to defeat China

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Kristin Richards celebrates birthday with another USA win

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We now focus on match with China, says USA coach

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USA extend winning streak by beating Cuba 3-0 at World Grand Prix Finals

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Happy to see Thailand improved, says Brazil coach

30.06.2012 08:51:45
Brazil overpower Thailand 3-0 in Grand Prix finals

29.06.2012 17:10:44
We are all tired after a long season, says Thailand coach

29.06.2012 17:02:50
USA remain unbeaten at World Grand Prix Finals

29.06.2012 16:46:27
Thailand rally back to upset host China in Grand Prix Finals

29.06.2012 12:27:07
Two games left and we want to win a medal, says Turkey player

29.06.2012 12:11:53
USA rallies past Turkey 3-1 to remain unbeaten

29.06.2012 09:33:22
Guimaraes satisfied with win over Cuba: it's important to keep going in a row

28.06.2012 16:29:46
USA, Turkey win two in a row at World Grand Prix Finals

28.06.2012 16:10:04
Brazil coach satisfied with team's performance

28.06.2012 15:51:03
Brazil upsets host China 3-1 at World Grand Prix Finals

28.06.2012 12:17:33
Turkey coach: We win and play a good match

28.06.2012 12:13:37
Turkey ease past Cuba at World Grand Prix Finals

28.06.2012 09:52:45
"Playing Thailand is more and more difficult" says USA captain Scott-Arruda

28.06.2012 09:21:19
USA beat Thailand to earn second victory in Grand Prix final

27.06.2012 16:29:46
USA hold off Brazil in five-set thriller as World Grand Prix kicks off in Ningbo

27.06.2012 16:05:48
Middle-player the key of victory, says Chinese coach Yu

27.06.2012 15:57:35
China off to winning start at women's volleyball World Grand Prix Finals

27.06.2012 13:07:25
Both teams played not good today, says Turkey coach

27.06.2012 13:01:08
Turkey upsets Thailand 3-1 at World Grand Prix Finals

27.06.2012 10:42:10
Hugh McCutcheon: It is a good start for USA

27.06.2012 10:34:00
USA starts Grand Prix Finals with a hard win over Brazil

26.06.2012 11:50:54
Grand Prix Finals, a good preparation for the Olympics

26.06.2012 08:33:58
USA seek third straight title as World Grand Prix Finals return to Ningbo

24.06.2012 21:44:07
World Grand Prix Finals schedule released

24.06.2012 18:28:26
Brazil and Cuba complete World Grand Prix Finals line-up

24.06.2012 17:46:46
Press Conference Report of CHN- BRA

24.06.2012 17:42:10
Press Conference Report of CUB-PUR

24.06.2012 16:54:38
Brazil book ticket to Finals

24.06.2012 16:25:21
Italy defeat Poland in five-set thriller

24.06.2012 14:35:20
USA keep focused at process, not results

24.06.2012 14:27:58
Invincible USA outclass hosts Thailand to top Pool J

24.06.2012 13:55:34
'We learned a lot' says Dominican Republic coach

24.06.2012 13:42:03
Dominican Republic claim third place in Pool L

24.06.2012 13:22:41
Japan's Otomo: 'We worked together scoring as one'

24.06.2012 12:46:21
Japan end on high note against Korea

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Cuba roll over Puerto Rico to clinch spot in Final Round

24.06.2012 11:22:18
We got valuable experience: Serbia coach

24.06.2012 11:17:24
Serbia struggle past Argentina in hard-fought 3-0 win

24.06.2012 10:32:51
Germany's Guidetti: If we don't make the finals I can't be angry with my team

24.06.2012 10:16:03
Captain Kozuch powers Germany past Turkey in four sets

23.06.2012 18:20:09
Poland coach: "My team had full concentration in the match against Dominican Republic"

23.06.2012 17:14:31
Turkey qualify for first ever World Grand Prix Finals

23.06.2012 17:07:33
Poland clinch vital win over Dominican Republic

23.06.2012 15:59:37
Brazil coach pleased with win

23.06.2012 15:58:04
Brazil seal straight sets win over Puerto Rico

23.06.2012 15:51:02
Thai coach: Serbia frustrate us with three important elements – great serves, solid blocks and fierce spikes

23.06.2012 15:20:54
Thailand overpower Serbia in dramatic four sets to secure Finals berth

23.06.2012 13:57:21
We played much better than yesterday: China captain

23.06.2012 13:53:57
China seal eighth win with Cuba victory

23.06.2012 13:39:11
Turkey captain Gümus: We are happy to win and qualify for the Finals

23.06.2012 13:27:23
Turkey clinch Finals spot with win over Japan

23.06.2012 13:27:06
We had a height disadvantage: Chinese Taipei coach

23.06.2012 13:03:19
Italy cruise past Chinese Taipei in three sets

23.06.2012 11:11:34
Bastit: It’s hard to play the USA; they are one of the world’s best teams

23.06.2012 10:40:27
Indomitable USA prove their class against lower-ranked Argentina

23.06.2012 10:23:47
Germany captain Kozuch: We want to show we can play at a high level

23.06.2012 10:05:17
Germany make short work of Korea in dominating three-set win

22.06.2012 18:11:54
Defending champs book ticket to Ningbo as final World Grand Prix Preliminary Round begins

22.06.2012 17:39:05
Poland disappoint Chinese Taipei on opening day

22.06.2012 17:30:35
Ze Roberto: We need to improve our defence

22.06.2012 17:29:09
Brazil women squeeze past Cuba in lengthy five-setter in China

22.06.2012 17:27:09
Italy's coach: Olympic squad yet to decide

22.06.2012 15:28:57
Italy fights off Dominican Republic 3-1 in Pool L World Grand Prix match

22.06.2012 14:00:35
Germany coach Guidetti: Our team was aggressive in every element

22.06.2012 13:46:47
Coach tells Thailand they need to keep focus

22.06.2012 13:38:42
Germany edge closer to qualification

22.06.2012 13:31:08
Thailand leave Argentina trailing in their wake

22.06.2012 13:29:54
China coach: "We improved a lot during the match"

22.06.2012 13:27:11
China notch seventh win with victory over Puerto Rico

22.06.2012 12:24:44
Accreditation reminder for WGP and WL Finals, and World Cup Olympic Qualification

22.06.2012 11:22:32
It's difficult to win points from USA: Serbia coach

22.06.2012 11:07:22
In-form USA continue unbeaten run, outclassing Serbia in straight sets

22.06.2012 10:48:38
Korea’s captain Lee: We got tired and lost concentration

22.06.2012 10:36:30
Korea show spark but Turkey have the aces in World Grand Prix match in Osaka

21.06.2012 16:18:44
World Grand Prix set for gripping final weekend

21.06.2012 14:47:09
The going set to get tough in Pool J

21.06.2012 11:22:36
Japan coach Manabe: It's still possible for us to go to finals

21.06.2012 10:13:55
Brazil and coach ready for Olympic Games preview in Luohe

21.06.2012 03:50:29
Invincible USA set up opening Pool J clash against Serbia

18.06.2012 00:47:38
World Grand Prix continues to excite

17.06.2012 23:09:34
Margareta Kozuch: We were hungry to win

17.06.2012 22:51:34
Germany crushes Italy to win its first match in Sao Bernardo

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Cuba finish in style

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Jose Roberto Guimaraes: The United States is the best team in the world now

17.06.2012 20:35:46
USA outclass Brazil to win sixth straight match

17.06.2012 20:07:29
Motta satisfied, Terzic desperate

17.06.2012 20:05:37
Turkey flawless in Belgrade

17.06.2012 15:12:01
China put paid to Poland

17.06.2012 13:42:19
Thailand comeback stuns Japan

17.06.2012 13:39:56
Thailand coach Kiattipong: We came back unified

17.06.2012 12:52:18
Chinese Taipei remain determined

17.06.2012 12:26:30
Korea beat Chinese Taipei in four-set thriller

17.06.2012 10:55:00
Contest of pride says Puerto Rico coach

17.06.2012 10:40:49
Puerto Rico win local derby in five

17.06.2012 09:41:38
China, USA roll to 3-0 victories to maintain form in FIVB World Grand Prix

17.06.2012 04:44:22
Italy were an excellent test for us: Ze Roberto

17.06.2012 04:14:55
Brazil overcome Italy on home turf to stay unbeaten

17.06.2012 01:44:41
Guidetti: It is an honor to lose to a great team like USA

17.06.2012 01:13:40
United States down Germany for fifth straight win

16.06.2012 22:31:25
Turkey get the job done against promising Argentina

16.06.2012 22:29:27
Turkey firmly on top after second match in Belgrade

16.06.2012 20:00:46
Cuba on rebound, Serbia stunned

16.06.2012 19:58:33
Cuba recover from loss to sweep hosts Serbia

16.06.2012 15:50:25
Chinese coach praises mental attitude

16.06.2012 15:35:15
China beat Korea in three sets

16.06.2012 13:45:15
Japan look to improve combination play

16.06.2012 13:01:42
Japan block out Puerto Rico

16.06.2012 12:28:16
Poland coach praises teenage talent

16.06.2012 11:32:58
Poland overpower Chinese Taipei

16.06.2012 10:24:01
Every point was hard says Thail captain Wilavan

16.06.2012 10:03:01
Thailand ease past Dominican Republic

16.06.2012 06:54:36
China, USA use 3-0 wins to stay top of World Grand Prix standings

16.06.2012 04:29:01
Jose Roberto Guimaraes: Some players lacked the match rhythm

16.06.2012 03:51:14
Brazil recover to defeat Germany in Sao Bernardo

16.06.2012 01:30:14
Lindsey Berg: Winning a match 3-0 is very important for the team’s confidence

16.06.2012 01:00:34
United States beat Italy in three sets to remain on top

15.06.2012 22:27:25
Cubans disappointed, Motta not happy with second set

15.06.2012 22:25:14
Well deserved victory for Turkey

15.06.2012 19:48:54
Terzic wants Serbia to play better

15.06.2012 19:46:01
Serbia begin with a victory

15.06.2012 15:42:24
China put paid to Chinese Taipei

15.06.2012 15:20:14
China too strong for Chinese Taipei

15.06.2012 13:34:13
'Today we came together as one' say Japan

15.06.2012 12:59:32
Japan find home form to see off Dominican Republic

15.06.2012 12:48:11
Korean coach blames injuries

15.06.2012 11:51:44
Poland back to winning ways against Korea

15.06.2012 10:42:56
We couldn't get going says Puerto Rico coach

15.06.2012 10:16:07
Thailand punish Puerto Rico again

14.06.2012 23:54:16
Serbia, Argentina, Cuba and Turkey players open volleyball court at “Mosa Pijade” Foster Home

14.06.2012 17:02:52
World Grand Prix set to begin exciting second weekend

13.06.2012 14:12:30
Serbia keen to impress at home

11.06.2012 09:52:59
USA, China, Cuba and Brazil all unbeaten on opening weekend of World Grand Prix

11.06.2012 01:25:38
Kwiek praises the quality of American team

11.06.2012 00:58:40
USA claim third victory in a row at Santo Domingo

10.06.2012 23:17:44
I admire style of Brazil, says Poland coach

10.06.2012 22:40:15
Guidetti praises consistency of his German team

10.06.2012 22:32:31
Brazil defeat Poland to end weekend on a high

10.06.2012 22:14:46
Germany outclass Chinese Taipei

10.06.2012 19:53:53
We played our best match of the season, says Serbia coach

10.06.2012 19:09:00
Serbia earn first win in World Grand Prix

10.06.2012 13:00:15
Thai coach thanks China for playing so well

10.06.2012 12:34:45
'Strong spiking the key' says Cuban coach

10.06.2012 12:14:31
Cuba take Turkey to task

10.06.2012 11:40:27
China put paid to Thailand

10.06.2012 10:31:31
Japan beat Korea in four sets

10.06.2012 10:21:34
Asian rivals say they have one eye on London

10.06.2012 09:32:36
Bastit fears the worst for Argentina

10.06.2012 09:06:54
Puerto Rico prevail against Argentina

10.06.2012 04:30:27
Brazil edge European champions as opening weekend of World Grand Prix continues

10.06.2012 04:20:48
Dominican Republic with reception problems

10.06.2012 03:30:04
Germany down Dominican Republic

10.06.2012 01:16:27
Chinese Taipei gave us a good fight: McCutcheon

10.06.2012 00:46:18
USA use balanced attack to beat Chinese Taipei

09.06.2012 18:29:50
It was a great spectacle of volleyball says Italy coach

09.06.2012 17:58:20
Italy win battle against Poland

09.06.2012 15:57:50
Ze Roberto: We played the better volleyball

09.06.2012 15:04:44
Brazil win yet another dramatic five-setter in Poland

09.06.2012 14:47:29
China missed Yimei's attacking power admits coach

09.06.2012 13:43:28
China downs Argentina to remain undefeated in World Grand Prix

09.06.2012 12:50:26
Cuba struggles to victory over Japan

09.06.2012 12:44:02
Second victory, positive possibility for the final round said Cuba coach

09.06.2012 12:13:20
Our first priority is not to be injured said Korea Coach

09.06.2012 11:09:19
Thailand killed us with their combinations, says Puerto Rico coach Aleman

09.06.2012 10:47:05
Thailand earns second victory at World Grand Prix

09.06.2012 10:28:45
Turkey seal second win of World Grand Prix

09.06.2012 08:50:27
Narrow victories highlight opening day of World Grand Prix

09.06.2012 04:21:11
Dominican Republic's coach not satisfied despite victory

09.06.2012 03:25:16
Dominican Republic blank Chinese Taipei

09.06.2012 02:07:52
The block of USA was the difference -Guidetti

09.06.2012 01:44:27
USA start with strong victory over Germany

08.06.2012 23:37:01
We have to set new goals says Poland captain

08.06.2012 22:53:15
Poland clinch narrow win over Serbia

08.06.2012 20:46:40
Italy coach disappointed with loss

08.06.2012 20:01:42
Brazil beat Italy in five-set thriller

08.06.2012 17:04:21
'Playing China was good experience'

08.06.2012 16:41:44
China earn impressive World Grand Prix win

08.06.2012 13:35:34
There are no easy matches says Thailand coach

08.06.2012 13:14:04
Thailand open Grand Prix with win

08.06.2012 12:59:29
Korea stunned by Cuban comeback

08.06.2012 12:53:33
Koreans lacking in confidence says coach

08.06.2012 10:02:36
Turkey continue to shine as Japan fold

08.06.2012 09:54:31
'We made too many errors' says Manabe

07.06.2012 23:36:13
WGP - Terzic emphasizes strength of team ahead of Poland clash in Lodz

07.06.2012 21:40:06
WGP - USA women’s team with room to improve

07.06.2012 17:38:17
World Grand Prix Media Guide launched

07.06.2012 02:53:17
Dominican President meets national team’s players

06.06.2012 16:18:32
World Grand Prix returns with Olympics in sight for many

31.05.2012 17:41:53
Ze Roberto names Brazil team for World Grand Prix

17.05.2012 23:55:03
Galaxy Entertainment Group renews partnership with World Grand Prix in Macau

28.04.2012 22:23:17
Chinese Taipei qualify for 2012 World Grand Prix

27.04.2012 18:07:36
Chinese Taipei seal crucial World Grand Prix Playoff win

26.04.2012 12:38:26
Algeria and Chinese Taipei set for collision course in World Grand Prix Playoff

23.04.2012 14:28:27
World Grand Prix preliminary rosters released

08.04.2012 16:59:41
Algeria in intense build up to World Grand Prix qualifier

04.04.2012 17:52:16
Media accreditation open for World League and World Grand Prix pool stages

12.03.2012 17:01:44
Algeria and Chinese Taipei to clash for World Grand Prix berth

22.12.2011 09:45:32
World Grand Prix Finals return to Ningbo

09.07.2011 23:18:59
Brazilians are new champions of Women’s Pan Am Cup

09.07.2011 09:06:34
Dominican Republic and Brazil to play for Pan Am gold

08.07.2011 08:53:32
United States and Cuba qualify for 2012 World Grand Prix

05.07.2011 09:01:36
Battle for top positions at Pan Am Cup on Tuesday

04.07.2011 09:20:20
Brazil, USA, Cuba and Dominican Republic remain unbeaten

03.07.2011 07:57:50
Four unbeaten teams in Women’s Pan Am Cup

02.07.2011 08:19:05
Defending champions Dominican Republic open with victory

01.07.2011 06:43:39
Peru to switch to western style of play

30.06.2011 03:29:49
The X Women’s Pan Am Cup set to start in Ciudad Juarez