Monday, 30 November 2020
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Massimo: We need to find our rhythm and strengthen our abilities

Peru captain Elena Keldibekova said that while her side's passing was good they had trouble spiking
Peru coach Luca Cristofani: “We did okay for some moments, however we were still far away from Italy. We were able to play better in the last match in terms of receiving. We still need to work harder.”

Peru captain Elena Keldibekova: “Congratulations to Italy, they are an excellent team. We were able to play well sometimes. When we are good at passing, we tend to forget how to spike, or vice versa. So we really had a lot of room for improvement.”

Italy coach Barbolini Massimo: “It is important to start with a victory at this leg, we already have five victories in a row. We played well, yet still made some mistakes due to the some changes we are making. Therefore we need to play stronger and secure our position.”

Italy captain Eleonora Lo Bianco: “We need to practice more and try out different forms by substituting different players. We need to find our rhythm and strengthen our abilities.”

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