Wednesday, 25 November 2020
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Press conferece of Italy and Kazakhstan

Coach and captain of the winning team Massimo Barbolini and Antonella Del Core listening to questions during the press conference.
Almaty, Kazakhstan, August 12, 2011- Italy v Kazakhstan press conference

Italy coach Barbolini Massimo: “I want to congratulate Kazakh team. I am satisfied with our play. The winning is always difficult but we did our best and I am happy that we won in the end”. 

Italy captain ­­­­­Antonella Del Core:” It was a very hard match. We have known that Kazakh team would play at home and we did many mistakes in the first sets but finally we gathered our last strength”. 

Kazakhstan coach Baitureyev Bakhytzhan: “I am not upset that we have lost but at the same time it is pity we missed a chance. I appreciate deeply B. Sholak Sport and Culture Palace and our supporters. We fought tough and tried to please our fans but unfortunately, it was not successful”.

Kazakhstan captain ­­­­­Ishimtseva Korinna: “I am happy that finally we started to play our game but it was very difficult match for us. We liked playing at home especially thanks to our supporters. We will play better next time”.


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