Thursday, 24 May 2018
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Bastit: It was very nice to see such a great player as Yeon-Kuong Kim.

Korea captain Sook-Ja Lee and head coach Hyung-Sil Kim with the team journalist
Argentina captain Emilce Sosa: “I want to congratulate Korea on the victory. They played in a completely different way than we do. I feel like we played really well in defense but lacked in spike. Now we are looking forward to next weekend.”

Korea captain Sook-Ja Lee: “It was very difficult physically here, because we had three hard matches in a row. Personally, I am really happy about this tournament. I am the oldest player in the team and I was kind of an older sister for my teammates.

Argentina captain Horacio Bastit: “I want to congratulate my collegue from Korea on what they showed this weekend. For us it was a really good experience to play against Korea, who play a lot different than what we know and do. I feel like we could do more today, we had many good runs, but we were overcome by a really good rival. It was very nice to see such a great player as Yeon-Kuong Kim, it was very pleasurable to watch her.”

Korea head coach Hyung-Sil Kim: “We were really worried when we saw Argentina's previous match, because we saw many good sides of this team. I was also worried about my team's physical shape, but I think we managed to overcome it with our mental spirit. We had many health problems and injuries, so I am very proud and thankful to my players for winning.”


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