Saturday, 26 May 2018
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Frometa: We saw the Cuban team not concentrated enough and this is why we lost.

Poland captain Milena Radecka and coach Alojzy Swiderek very happy during the press conference after their victory over Cuba on Sunday
Cuba captain Yusidey Silie Frometa: “I think the other team knew very well what to do to harm us. They surprised us in the first set. Later on, we saw the Cuban team not concentrated enough and this is why we lost."

Poland captain Milena Radecka: “We are very happy that we won. We were very concentrated and determined. It was very important for us, because now we have a chance to qualify to the Final Round. We served very well today and we gave the other team a lot of troubles. We didn't make so many small and stupid mistakes, but we still have to work on them during the training sessions.”

Cuba head coach Juan Gala Rodriguez: “We knew that it will be very technical and tactical match. Our service was to weak today. They forced us to receive with four players and our team didn't know how to play in key moments. But this match was a good lesson for us before the next matches."

Poland head coach Alojzy Swiderek: “Today I am very happy with both the result and the way my team played today. I am very proud of my players and very thankful for their hard work and determination. We played a lot better in block today. Our reception was not perfect today and we have to keep working on it. But I am very happy that my players put so much heart in the game. I am not making any changes in the team before the next tournament, these fourteen players are going to Hong Kong and hopefully to Macau.”


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