Wednesday, 20 June 2018
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USA Head Coach McCutcheon Hugh: Our job is to win, but our goal is to get a good team together

Thailand Head Coach Kiattipong Radchatagriengkai: “Congratulations to the USA team. They played very well and it was a very good game. Our team was not too good today because we played a difficult match last night and physically they are not strong enough. We made errors in reception and skills. Our team learnt a lot. We will try to improve our skills and minimize our errors in the future. We wish the USA team good luck in tomorrow’s match.


Thailand Captain Wilavan Apinyapong: “Congratulations to the USA team, they played very well. Our team made a lot of errors and was not good enough in receiving and serving, and in some other skills. We hope to play better tomorrow.”


USA Head Coach McCutcheon Hugh: “Thailand team is a very good team. We respect them a lot as they played late last night and have to play early today. Our team played well. Our job is to win, but our goal is to get a good team together and continue to improve both individually and as a team. China is a strong team and we will prepare as usual. It’s hard to say who will win tomorrow, but we expect it will be a good match.”


USA Captain Jennifer Tamas: “It’s a very nice match and we enjoyed the game. The Thai team is very challenging. Their attack and block are very good. We look forward to tomorrow’s match and hope to continue to improve. Our win today is due to the whole team’s contribution.”


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