Sunday, 22 April 2018
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Brazil coach salutes Japan

Jose Roberto Guimaraes (Head Coach of Brazil) speaks at the Press Conference


Head Coach Jose Roberto Guimaraes: It was a very difficult game today. Japan played very well and their serves were very aggressive. Japan has become stronger and stronger game by game and is a big threat to us.

Captain Dani Lins: I knew this match would be tough because Japan is different from other teams, especially blocking and service. It was difficult for us because the Japanese team plays a very different style to us. I am really glad to have won the gold medal.

Sheilla Castro: Today’s match was very tough because Japan is the home team and had a lot of support. In the first and second sets we had some very difficult moments. We felt a little bit tired; however Sassa gave us the support and I think all 14 members deserved their gold medal. I think the head coach and the coaching staff have given us great support to get the gold medal.


Head Coach Masayoshi Manabe: We competed against Brazil, the best in the world ranking. They made points especially after 16 in the score. All our spike attacks were blocked by them. In the five matches in the final round I have been thinking how to compete against teams of this level. We are still a new team and it is a good chance for us to get experience in the short-term in such big matches.

Captain Erika Araki: Today we could not win the first set. I think it was the biggest mistake of today. It is a positive point that many players from our team played in the game. Every match of the final round was tough; most of the rivals are taller and stronger than us. Throughout the tournament we knew that we had the possibility of being equal with them, so this tournament was significant for us.

Maiko Kano: Today is the last day of the Grand Prix and our opponent was Brazil, so I wanted to challenge them. Today I won some points but I made many mistakes. I should improve this problem. Every rival is strong but they have some weak points, so I want to make an effort to work on them.

Yoshie Takeshita: We have been playing tough matches throughout the final round and we have good points, but we also have bad points. So we have to narrow the gap between the good and bad points. We did not play the correct style of volleyball we wanted to play, so we will have to improve that.


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