Sunday, 24 June 2018
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Cai: Composure earned the win

Press Conference


Head Coach Cai Bin: I want to congratulate my team because the players are very young. We cannot depend on one or two players, we have to play as team to win the match and to break the Japanese attack in various ways. There were some good serves and reception on the Japanese side, and recently the Japanese players are getting taller. We were able to win because we prepared thoroughly and kept calm. They prepared well and today, and the players played as the coach directed. It was very good that they kept calm. From the qualification matches I have had a young team; they have done their best but there may have been a problem with physical strength and stamina. So when the No. 10 player (Wang) said she had a lot of stamina I felt very happy.

Captain Wei Qiuyue: I am very happy with today’s victory. Whether we lose or win I feel that it is an opportunity to practice. Before the meeting and during the warm-up I did feel I wanted to win but I tried to suppress that and remain calm.

Wang Yimei: This victory was due to our effort as a team. I concentrated on playing calmly and concentrating, so maybe that is why I looked tired before the game.


Head Coach Masayoshi Manabe: Before the match, at the meeting we talked about how to break them down with serves and counter-attack with blocks and on reception. But they received serve very well, so we could not do what we planned to do.

Captain Erika Araki: Yesterday we won 3-0 against Holland and today I was hoping to make it two wins in a row, but we could not break down their service and receptions. They played very well, so we have many points to work on.

Yoshie Takeshita: Today we let China play the kind of volleyball we wanted to play. To compete against top-level teams we have to play volleyball like we did yesterday (against Holland).


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