Monday, 18 June 2018
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Brazil look ahead to Dutch test

Press Conference


Head Coach Jose Roberto Guimaraes: I would like to thank the German coach for his comments about my team, but I do not have the same opinion. We played very well. We served hard and created many, many problems for the German reception. Actually we got 15 block points and defended very well, and our counter-attack was good. This was important today because we have a tough match tomorrow against Holland. Of course I am very happy about the result.

Captain Dani Lins: Today we played very well in all aspects. Our play was wonderful in serve, defence and blocking.


Head Coach Giovanni Guidetti: I have always the impression that before a game with Brazil my team has fear, and I start to understand that because it happens many times that Brazil kills us this way because they play high-quality volleyball. We have learned a lot from Brazil because of the quickness of their game. It is unique in the world, so quick, so strong, so high. They are the only team in the world to play like that. We have to try and change our system day by day in training. If Brazil play so well they must have a good coach.

Captain Christiane Furst: It was our worst match, and for that I am really sorry. At least our second team members could play and that is why I am happy, because they had the possibility to play against one of the best teams in the world. We did not play good today. We started well in the second set, but Brazil reacted immediately and played the game like they can play.


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