Sunday, 11 April 2021
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Home support helps us win, says Thai coach


Head coach Kiattipong Radchatagriengkai:
"Both teams played good volleyball. Puerto Rico blocked well, with good attacks and powerful jump serves. We learned a lot from the match against Puerto Rico. As far as I'm concerned, Puerto Rico is a strong team. My players made several unforced mistakes in the first two sets. The match was very close. I think the luck just was not with Puerto Rico and that's why they lost. Our fans supported us all the way and it helped boost our confidence to play a tough team like Puerto Rico. I’m very happy to win on home soil. I also wish Puerto Rico a better prospect in the next match against the USA. We next play Russia and we will try again to win the mighty clash against them."

Captain Wilavan Apinyapong:
"Puerto Rico is a strong team and played a hard game with us. We learned a lot from them. We will bring this experience for use when we next play taller rivals from Europe in the near future. The Puerto Ricans are much taller than us. They attacked fiercely at the net, but we also did our best. I’m glad that we won our first match here. It gave our home fans a happy moment."

Puerto Rico

Head coach Carlos Cardona:
"It’s a pity that we lost the first match here. However, we also learned from this match. We obtained a valuable lesson on how to make a good reception. I think we played according to a plan, using our own tactics. Thailand is a strong team. They played exceptionally well with attacks and blocking. However, I have never thought before that the match would end in three sets. It should have ended in five sets. Win or loss is not important. We just need experience. Both sides played hard, but the Thais were just stronger than us. The first two sets were good and very close. The third set was too bad for us. My players could not come back."

Captain Vilmarie Mojica:
"Thailand played very well. We learned many things from the match against Thailand. I’m happy to play them for the first time ever in the World Grand Prix."


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