Sunday, 11 April 2021
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Jose Roberto Guimaraes: "Dani Lins conduced the team with personality and intelligence"

Head coaches and captains talk to the press

German captain Christiane Furst: "I am sorry we did not play even close to our maximum. We respected Brazil so much and improved too slowly during the match. Against such a strong team, that cannot happen. I felt the team nervous too".

German head coach Giovanni Guidetti: "The first set was crucial in the match result. Brazil scored eight block points and we could not react. They were better than us in everything. Even if Brazil is a great team, I am not satisfied because we expected to play better than we did".

Brazilian captain Danielle Lins: "We knew it would be a tough match and prepared ourselves to that. Our serve and digging were great today and that helped us a lot making the match easier. I was calmer than in the first match and I feel I played better".

Brazilian head coach Jose Roberto Guimaraes: "As my friend Giovanni said, our performance in the first set decided the match. We intimidated them with several block points. I would like to congratulate our setter Dani Lins for her appearance. She conduced the team with personality and intelligence".


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