Sunday, 27 May 2018
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We are happy to win, says Poland captain

Poland Head Coach Jerzy Matlak: During the last few months, we have played with China, and lost the match by 1:3, 2:3.  Yet, we have learned and tried to improve ourselves.  We hope that in the next week in Hong Kong, we can play better.

Poland captain Dorota Swieniewicz: We are happy to win today, because in our last leg, we lost the game, and today we succeed in taking revenge.  In the 1st set, we have not played well, but it is grateful that we can win.  The situation becomes better during the 2nd and 3rd set.  We are happy to win.

Thailand Head Coach Kiattipong Radchatagriengkai: Thank you Macau in organizing this event, and thanks for their warm welcome.  And also, I have to say thanks to media from all countries, as well as the lovely local and Thailand fans who have come to cheer for us.  

We would like to congratulate the Poland team.  We have tried hard in this game.  Our tactics were good in the 1st set, but we lost confidence and lost the set.  There were also problems in the 2nd set.  In the first half of the 3rd set, we have come close to the scores but as the Poland team makes good serves and blocks, we could not win the game.  We hope that the Poland team can play better in the next week.

Thailand captain Wilavan Apinyapong:
Congratulate to the Poland team.  Today, we are happy to play with the Poland team.  Indeed, we are not satisfied with our team.  In the 1st set, there was a good chance to win, but as the Poland team serves well, our team starts to lost confidence, and also, our attacks are not so good. In the 2nd and 3rd set, the Poland team makes good serves, we have tried hard to attack, and the block is actually difficult for us.  Finally, we lost the game.


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