Friday, 20 April 2018
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China and Poland fought for a hard time

Poland Head Coach Jerzy Matlak: We did not play well in the 1st set, and we lost concentration and did not have enough physical ability.  We did a lot of mistakes . 

Poland captain Dorota Swieniewicz: Congratulation to the China team.  It is a pity that we can’t win, especially with the 5th set.  I think it could be better, but once again, I have to congratulate the China team. 

China Head Coach Cai Bin: Both teams performed well, especially the Poland team. The serves and attacks of the Poland team gave us great pressure.  Indeed, the first three sets were not satisfactory.  Although we win, but it also shows that we have some problems, and we still need to be improved in the future. I am satisfied with the overall performance for my team. In addition, I am glad to see that the team of China is not giving up, and win the game at the final.

China captain Wei Qiuyue: I am happy that our team won the match. The Poland team’s serves strongly, and they bring pressure to us.  I hope we can learn a lot after this game.


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