Sunday, 22 April 2018
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China wins Thailand 3-1

Facing the strong China Team, Thailand did not give China any chance to take advantages. To many surprises, they soon took the control at the beginning of the game and head the China Team by 3 points in the first technical timeout. The ace serve from #3 K. Sontaya help Thailand to widen the distance to 6 points (8:14) and brought the advantage to the second technical timeout (11:16). After asking for a timeout, China regained their form. The aggressive spikes from #1 Wang Y. M. and #5 Ma Y. W. led China to shorten the distance to only 1 points (21:22). With greater ambition, Thailand got their first winning set in Macau (25:27).

After losing one set, China paid more attention in the second set and head the Thailand by 4 points in the first technical timeout (8:4). But the China Team made more serving mistakes and let Thailand to catch up to 1 point behind (10:9). With more experience, China was still able to take an advantage of 5 points in the middle of the set (17:12).  Finally, China ended this set with 25:19.

In the third set, China grasped points with aggressive spikes and solid blockings destroyed the defense of Thailand and kept leading in the two technical timeouts (8:3 and 16:7). Without too much pressure, China ended this set with 25:17.

China seemed not to be able to continue the good performance of the last set. They cannot stop the wonderful spikes from Thailand player #15 K. Malika and not until the second technical timeout, China regained their form and took two points heading (17:15). Finally, China finished today’s game with 3:1 (25:19).


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