Thursday, 21 June 2018
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Brazil win Thailand in three straight sets

As the World Champion, the Brazil Team did not keep any of their six main players at the seat. In the beginning of the set, the Thailand Team showed their great ambitions and did not allow the Brazil to take too much advantage at the first technical timeout (8:5) After the first technical timeout, the spirit of the Brazil Team was lighted up under the encouraging support from the audience. With the advantage of the height, the Brazil Team started to take the control of the set and widen the distance to 23:14 and ended the first set without too much pressure. (25:14)

The second set started off with a seesaw situation since both teams made many mistakes. After the first technical timeout (8:6), Brazil gained four points in a row and widened the distance to 8 points at the second technical timeout (16:8). The Thailand Team did not lose their ambition and tried to shorten the distance. However, under the limitation of the height, the Thailand players cannot break the solid blocking of the Brazil Team and lost the second set with 25:17.

After getting two sets, the Brazil Team played more confidently. They grasped points with aggressive spikes and solid blockings and took a 10-point lead at the second technical timeout (16:6). After that, Brazil seemed to be sure about the victory and did not give any chance to Thailand to fight back. Finally, Brazil won the third set (25:11) and contributed to their wining in today’s match without losing one set (3:0).


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