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  World Grand Prix 2006
 THA / Thailand - Team Composition
Team manager Pruekcha-oom KIJ
Head coach Chanbunchee SUTTICHAI
Assistant coach Bandit ANUSORN
Doctor Chakarg PONGURGSORN
Therapist / trainer Nitinai MUHUMMUT
Journalist Winyanupappong Preechachan
  No. Name Lastname Shirt Name Birthdate Height Weight Spike Block Club
1 Rattanaporn Sanuanram S.Rattanaporn 09.04.1980 180 66 308 297 Petchaboon
3   Saymai Paladsrichuay P.Saymai 04.08.1987 180 74 308 291 Yesilyurt
4 Nurak Nokputta N.Nurak 31.01.1981 178 63 295 280 RBAC
5   Pleumjit Thinkaow T.Pleumjit 09.11.1983 180 67 303 283 Supreme VC
6 Onuma Sittirak S.Onuma 13.06.1986 175 77 304 285 Diamond Food VC
7   Narumon Khanan K. Narumon 26.01.1983 180 66 311 289 RBAC
8 Nuntanit Tongsom T.Nuntanit 15.08.1987 175 58 290 276 Suranaree wittaya
9   Piyamas Koijapo K.Piyamas 23.10.1978 178 67 298 282 Chang
10 Wilavan Apinyapong A.Wilavan 06.06.1984 173 68 294 282 Supreme VC
11   Amporn Hyapha H.Amporn 19.05.1985 180 71 301 290 Diamond Food VC
12 Kamonporn Sukmak S Kamonporn 29.02.1988 174 63 285 275 Chang
13   Nootsara Tomkom T.Nootsara 07.07.1985 169 56 289 278 Diamond Food VC
C 14 Patcharee Saengmuang S. Patcharee 20.03.1978 181 66 294 279 Federbrau
15   Malika Kanthong K.Malika 08.01.1987 178 78 292 278 Diamond Food VC
16 Khwanjira Yuttagai K.Khwanjira 01.09.1986 178 60 287 277 Satrinonthaburi School
L 17   Wanna Buakaew B. Wanna 02.01.1981 172 54 292 277 Azerrail Baku
L 18 Somruk Sungpokeaw S.Somruk 22.02.1985 175 64 275 269 ATCC
 C=Captain  L=Libero
Team Profile Coach Profile
The Thai team and the Thailand Volleyball Association implemented the FIVB development program called the “2001 National Team Project” with the great support of the Petroleum Authority of Thailand since 1979. The selected youth players higher than 175 cm were trained and instructed in Yala, a city in southern of Thailand over a period of three years. After their training, they achieved excellent results alongside China, Korea and Japan, the leading team in Asia. The team beat Japan in 2001 to become the second runner-up in the 11th Asian Senior Women’s Volleyball Championship held in Thailand. The junior team beat Korea and Japan in 2002 to become the first runner-up in the 11th Asian Junior Women’s Volleyball Championship in Vietnam. Thailand’s senior women’s team is currently placed 12th in the FIVB world ranking.

Following the success of the previous years, the association has launched another project called the “2004 National Team Project”, which has been supported by BEC World since the end of 2001.

The Volleyball results

The Winner of Sea Game about 9 times from 1985 to 2001
The 5th Place of Asian Games held in Korea, 1986
The 5th Place of Asian Game held in China,1990
The 4th Place of Asian Games held in Japan, 1994
The 4th Place of Asian Games held in Thailand,1998
The 16th Place of World Championship held in Japan, 1998
The 2nd Place of FISU World University Games held in China, August 2001
The 3rd Place of the 11th Asian Volleyball Championship held in Thailand, September 2001
The 9th Place of World Grand Prix 2002
The 18th Place of World Championship held in Germany, 2005
The 5th Place of Asian Games held in Korea, September 2002
The 10th Place of World Grand Prix 2003
The 7th Place of World Universiade 2003 held in Korea
The 4th Place of Asian Championship 2003 in Vietnam
The Winner of Sea Games 2003 in Vietnam
The 10th Place of World Grand Prix 2004
The 5th Place of World Universiade 2005 in Turkey
The 12th Place of World Grand Prix 2005
The 6th Place of Asian Championship 2005 in China
The Winner of Sea Games 2005 in Philippines
Mr. Sutichai is now in his second year as the head coach of Thailand’s women’s team. He is one of the best coaches in Thailand and has worked very hard to create many new players for the development and promotion of volleyball in Thailand and also in the south-east Asian zone.

Because of the success of his teams from the grass roots level competitions up to national and international levels, he was invited to work with the Thai national women’s team in 2005. In spite of tough pressure as a newcomer for the national team, he led Thailand’s women to success in many international competitions, especially to defend the Champion Title of the South East Asian Games in the Philippines last year with an excellent result.

Although the result in the 2005 World Grand Prix was disappointing, Mr. Sutichai expects to get a better result for the team in 2006.