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  World Grand Prix 2006
 DOM / Dominican Republic - Team Composition
Assistant coach WILSON SANCHEZ
Therapist / trainer ROLANDO BOSA
  No. Name Lastname Shirt Name Birthdate Height Weight Spike Block Club
1 Annerys Victoria Vargas Valdez Valdez 07.08.1981 196 70 327 320 Seleccion Nacional
2   Ana Esther Lara Lara 08.07.1988 168 58 279 274 Modeca
3 Yudelkys Bautista Bautista 05.12.1974 194 68 320 308 Mirador
4   Ana Ligia Fabian Hernandez Fabian 07.11.1988 179 51 310 305 Mirador
L 5 Evelyn Carrera Pichardo Carrera 05.10.1971 180 70 301 297 Los Prados
6   Carmen Rosa Caso Sierra Caso 29.11.1981 168 59 240 230 Mirador
7 Sofia Esmeralda Mercedes Heredia Mercedes 25.05.1976 185 70 306 298 Independencia
8   Laritza Reyes Reyes Reyes 30.09.1982 182 61 305 300 Mirador
9 Nuris Arias Doñe Arias 20.05.1973 190 78 315 306 Mirador
10   Milagros Cabral de la Cruz Cabral 17.10.1978 182 63 325 320 Los Cachorros
11 Juana Miguelina Gonzalez Sanchez Gonzalez 03.01.1979 185 70 295 290 Seleccion Nacional
12   Karla Miguelina Echenique Medina Echenique 16.05.1986 180 65 279 300 Mirador
13 Cindy Carolina Rondon Martinez Rondon 12.11.1987 186 61 320 315 Seleccion Nacional
14   Prisilla Rivera Brens Rivera 29.12.1984 186 67 309 305 San Pedro
C 15 Cosiri Rodriguez Andino Rodriguez 30.08.1977 191 72 313 305 San Cristobal
16   Kenia Moreta Perez Moreta 07.04.1981 191 76 310 305 Mirador
17 Gina Altagracia Mambru Casilla Mambru 21.01.1986 182 65 330 315 Los Cachorros
18   Bethania De La Cruz De Peña De La Cruz 13.05.1987 188 70 330 320 Deportivo Nacional
 C=Captain  L=Libero
Team Profile Coach Profile
History at the FIVB World Grand Prix

This will be the third time for the current Pan American Games queens at the FIVB World Grand Prix. Their best result came in Hong Kong in 2005 when they finished in the third position and tenth overall. Other participations included Korea ’04 (11th).

How they qualified

One of four teams from the Intercontinental Confederation qualifying event, the Pan American Women’s Volleyball Cup, currently world ranked 11th, Dominicans finished second to Cuba at the IV Pan American Women’s Volleyball Cup 2005 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.


Chances of advancing to the final round are possible this time. Among their rivals in Pool C, the Dominicans have consistently dominated USA and Poland, and also have collected victories over Pool D Brazil, and Pool I Japan. They last defeated Germany at the 2005 World Grand Prix in Hong Kong and beat the Germans on home soil during the 2001 edition of the Bremen’s International Tournament.

New Face

Cindy Rondon is a product of the National Development Program currently playing in the A-1 Series of the Italian League. The 17 year-old Rondon is a member of the Junior Dominican Team and took part in the U-20 Women’s World Championships in Turkey. She has a powerful serve and is an all-around skilled athlete with great blocking ability.

Star Players

Annerys Vargas has developed into the new big weapon of the Dominican Republic. The 1.94m Vargas was the most dominating player in the Puerto Rican League this season starring for the Bayamon Cowgirls. Annerys combines spiking and blocking skills and the FIVB 2006 World Grand Prix will be a great stage to catapult her to the Big Time.

Cosiris Rodriguez, Captain of the Dominican Squad is an overall experienced player that has seen action in the Italian League, Spanish League, Japanese League and the Puerto Rican League. With more than 200 international matches under her belt, Cosiris is an outstanding leader in court being the key player for the Dominican team in the gold medal match of the Pan American Games. Currently playing in the Spanish Super League, Cosiris is a player to be watched during the 2006 FIVB World Grand Prix.

Evelyn Carrera is a model of consistency and has gained international recognition as one of the best libero players in the world. The veteran Carrera was the second best libero of the last Olympics in Athens and was elected as the top of her class during the 2003 Pan American Games, the 2002 Central American and Caribbean Games and the 2006 Puerto Rican League.
Beato Miguel Cruz Perez is the first Dominican to coach the national team in the last 12 years, but he is not new to the environment. Cruz has been the Technical Director of the Dominican Republic National Volleyball Federation and his experience includes coaching the Men’s National team for several years. He graduated from the Universidad Autonoma de Santo Domingo with a Masters in Physical Education, with a Pedagogy Volleyball Degree in 1979 and completed in 1989 his FIVB Level III Coaches Course.

Cruz has been the Head Coach of the Dominican Republic Men’s Program since 1977, forming part of the Board of Administration of the Dominican Republic National Volleyball Federation as Technical Director.