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World Grand Prix 2005 - Match Descriptive

Match Descriptive

Poland beat U.S.A. 3-1 (25-18, 25-17, 22-25, 25-22) - duration 1:42
10-Jul, start time: 14:00, end time: 15:42 - Attendance: 2'700
City: Bangkok; Hall : Mall Convention Center
Poland beat USA 3-1 (25-18 25-17 22-25 25-22)
Poland got off to a flying start after hard-attacking Katarzyna Skowronska and Aleksandra Pzybysz produced their superb form to help the team take a commanding 14-5 lead. USA narrowed the gap 21-17, thanks to Nancy Metcalf's devastating cross-court spikes at the net. With the rivals hot on their heels, Poland maintained their poise and tightened their defence, allowing USA tough times to score. As expected, the European champions clinched the first set without much effort 25-18.

The second set was still dominated by the Poles, where they led 21-14 initially. USA tried to put their acts together, but their determined attempts were in vain. The Polish defence was impenetrable and USA's game was also riddled with unforced errors. Poland took the set 25-17.

After going down two straight sets, USA held their nerves in the third set. Metcalf punctured the Polish defence with her exceptional skill to help USA make amends by winning the hard-fought set 25-22. The fourth set became more thrilling, with both sides pouring everything they had - solid blocks, drops and powerful jump serves. However, it was the Polish girls who played a better game to win the set 25-22.