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World Grand Prix 2005 - Match Descriptive

Match Descriptive

Japan beat U.S.A. 3-1 (26-28, 25-22, 25-15, 25-18) - duration 1:37
09-Jul, start time: 17:00, end time: 18:37 - Attendance: 3'500
City: Bangkok; Hall : Mall Convention Center
Japan beat USA 3-1 (26-28 25-22 25-15 25-18)
Both sides started aggressively in the first set, but the American girls played more confidently after they beat Japan 3-1 in the second leg Group D in Seoul. After the score was tied at 20-20, both Japan and the US obviously poured everything for the possible best form. However, it was the Americans who proved a cut above the tough rivals to win the hard-fought first-set thriller 28-26.

Going down one set, Japan regrouped and started to produce the goods in the second set. They mixed the excellent offensive combination of devastating spikes from Miyuki Takahashi and solid blocks from Sachiko Sugiyama and Ai Otomo to win the second set 25-22.

Their spirit lifted after the second-set win, Japan marched on their phenomenal form in the third set. They seized the situation when the Americans became more prone with unforced errors to storm on with fierce cross-court spikes and drops to win the comfortable third set 25-15. The Japanese rolled on their rhythm in the fourth set where they captured the set 25-18, to much their home fans' satisfaction.