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World Grand Prix 2005 - Press Conference

Press conference

Brazil beat Italy 3-2 (25-20, 22-25, 25-21, 27-29, 15-7) - duration 2:03
18-Jul, start time: 15:05, end time: 17:08 - Attendance: 8'230
City: Sendai; Hall : Sendai City Gymnasium
JOSE GUIMARAES (BRAZIL HEAD COACH): "This victory is huge for us. Prior to the tournament, Cuba and China had more potential than the rest, but Brazil and Italy performed excellently in these finals. We welcome more tough international games like this."

VALESKA MENEZES (BRAZIL No. 8, CAPTAIN): "Both teams were very determined to win this crucial match, but probably we were a little bit more determined. Italy was a great team, so I am very proud of this win."

MARCO BONITTA (ITALY HEAD COACH): "The result proves that Brazil is a better team than Italy. They deserved to win. My players showed great determination to keep going at the end of the fourth set, and what cost us was our bad start to the decider."

VALENTINA FIORIN (ITALY NO. 6): " It was a tough game, and very tight. Yesterday (against the Netherlands) we felt tired, but we recharged our batteries. During the course of the match I did not feel tired, only in the last set, and maybe this was the difference between the two teams."