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World Grand Prix 2005 - Press Conference

Press conference

Dominican Republic beat Germany 3-2 (21-25, 25-20, 18-25, 25-21, 15-7) - duration 2:04
10-Jul, start time: 13:00, end time: 15:04 - Attendance: 9'700
City: Hong Kong; Hall : Hong Kong Coliseum
Dominican Republic, head coach, Francisco Cruz
I may say I am the happiest man today, not for myself but for my players. They worked very hard for this. We are the youngest team in the World Grand Prix and it was the second time we took part in the World Grand Prix, which has the strongest team in the world. In America, we have reached that level and now we are ranked thirteenth, but at this level it is difficult to win a match in the World Grand Prix.
Our performance in America is mainly based on force and strength in serve, attack and blocking. We have the capacity to take lead in America by these, but at the level of World Grand Prix, we need more than force and strength in order to achieve a victory. We need to work on techniques and variability to achieve that level and the ability to play at that level. In the previous matches, we made a lot of mistakes and our players lost concentration. Therefore, we need to solve this problem and work more on techniques when we go back to our country.

Dominican Republic, team player #15, Cosiri Rodriguez Andino de
We feel very happy and well and everyone was satisfied. We have been fighting all the way through the World Grand Prix and wanting to win. It was an important match for us and today is our day! Everyone contributed, including the substituted players. It was a great victory to us.

Germany, head coach, Lee Hee Wan
Congratulations to the Dominican Republic Team. We beat them in Italy and Switzerland and that was our lucky day. Today, they are the lucky team and actually both team are closed together.
Germany, team captain, Cornelia Dumler
It wasn't so bad a game for us, but we made so many mistakes and it was difficult for us to win the game.