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  World Grand Prix 2005
 KOR / Korea - Team Composition
Team manager AHN, Myung-Jin
Head coach KIM, Hyung-Sil
Assistant coach LEE, Jung-Chul
Therapist / trainer LEE, Jung-Kun / SONG, Jae-Chul
Journalist SHIN, Chang-Beom / KIM, Myung-Sik
  No. Name Lastname Shirt Name Birthdate Height Weight Spike Block Club
2 Yoo-Mi Han HAN Yoo-mi 05.02.1982 180 65 307 297 Korea Ginseng Corp.
4   Jung-Hee Ji JI Jung-hee 18.03.1985 180 65 305 296 KT&G
C 6 Kwang-Hee Choi CHOI Kwang-hee 25.05.1974 173 73 304 289 KT&G Corp.
8   Youn Joo Hwang HWANG YOUN JOO 13.08.1986 177 64 285 265 Hyundai Construction
9 Kyong-Nang Park PARK Kyong-nang 05.01.1984 177 68 280 270 KT&G Corp.
10   Sook-Ja Lee LEE Sook-ja 17.06.1980 175 58 286 264 GS Caltex
13 Dae Young Jung JUNG DAE YOUNG 12.08.1981 185 73 279 269 Korea Expressway Corporation
14   Songyi Han Han Songyi 05.09.1984 186 65 288 273 Korea Ginseng Corporation
15 Se Young Kim Kim Seyoung 04.06.1981 190 72 294 284 Heungkuk Life
L 16   Ki-Lan Koo KOO Ki-lan 10.03.1977 170 64 274 264 Hungkuk Life Insurance Co.
18 Su-Hyun Yoon YOON Su-hyun 08.06.1983 177 67 275 270 Heungkuk Life Insurance Co.
 C=Captain  L=Libero
Team Profile Coach Profile
Following a sixth place finish at the 2002 World Championship in Germany the Korean national women's volleyball team underwent a massive shake up in their ranks with a concentration on youth for 2003 and the benefits were seen immediately with an impressive performance at the World Grand Prix when they finished sixth.

However, an 11th place finish at the 2004 World Grand Prix (when they won only one game) and a fifth place finish at the Athens Olympics has seen Korea undergo another reshuffle for 2005.

Korea has a strong history at the World Grand Prix so last year's 11th place finish hurt many when it was definitely their worst finish in the tournament by far.

Speed and fighting spirit are the traditionally qualities of Korea and although their much taller opponents take a psychological advantage into each match due to Korea's lack of height (their tallest player being Se-Young Kim at 190cm) it's the spirited defense and determination which sees Korea compete at the highest level.

Korea, currently ranked eighth in the world, has scaled the heights of a bronze medal at the Montreal Olympics in 1976 but more recently their results have tended to wane, especially at the 2003 World Cup where they finished ninth.

Coach Hyung-Sil Kim and playmakers such as Kim Sa-Nee and Choi Kwang-Hee will be looked upon to lead Korea once again, especially through the initial stages of the 2005 World Grand Prix.

Setter Sa-Nee has been inspirational in the past providing quality sets while Kwang-Hee is Korea's most potent weapon on attack. Life will be tough for Korea but they have the history and pedigree to be a force in the World Grand Prix once again.

Overall Standings for Korea
Word Grand Prix Played Total Matches played Win Lost % Wins
11 111 42 69 37.84
KIM Hyung-Sil

At 53-year’s-of-age Hyung-Sil Kim is well versed in the subject of Korean Volleyball.

The 2005 World Grand Prix marks his second tenure in charge of the Korean women’s national team having first been in the role from 1981-1984 at the tender age of 29.

After returning to the national scene as assistant coach in 1991, Kim has been, and still is, in charge of the KT&G Women’s Club team in Korea.

Now, the father of two boys, has the exciting challenge of working with the national women’s team again in a competition where they’ve had their fare share of ups and downs.

From the glory days in 1997, when Korea finished 3rd, Kim must now rework a team which struggled to 11th place last year, but if anyone can make a difference it’s the Korean native, who breaths Volleyball and is passionate about the future success of his young national team.