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World Grand Prix 2005 - Match Descriptive

Match Descriptive

Brazil beat Germany 3-0 (25-16, 25-16, 26-24) - duration 1:15
02-Jul, start time: 14:32, end time: 15:47 - Attendance: 2'600
City: Macau; Hall : Macau Forum
Brazil continued their victory in the second day. Their all-around well performance surpassed Germany.
Germany had a good start in the first set that they took the first technical time-out at 8:7 with their prompt concentration on the game. But then Brazil recovered very soon by their strong determination and tactics to take the lead back at 16:10, 19:12 and 23:15. With the spike point of Welissa Gonzaga, Brazil got the first set at 25:16.

In the second set, Brazil could still keep their dominant with their better techniques. It seemed that the powerful spikes of Brazil were too strong for Germany even though their defense was still remarkable. Brazil kept the margin on the score at 8:5, 12:6, 16:9, 20:11, and then several substitute players were sent out to gain some experience, but they could still finished the set at 25:16.

Entering into the third set, Germany grasped the opportunity to put some pressure on Brazil, who remained several substitution players on court. They took the first technical time out at 8:3. Immediately the main players returned and tied the points at 10:10. However, the never give-up European struggled and tied the rallies at 15:15, 17:17, 19:19 and even took the lead at 21:19. Competitive rallies then occurred at 22:22, 23:23, 24:24. Eventually, with Caroline Gattaz's giant block point, Brazil won the match by finishing the set at 26:24.