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World Grand Prix 2005 - Match Descriptive

Match Descriptive

Brazil beat Poland 3-0 (25-17, 25-13, 25-19) - duration 1:13
01-Jul, start time: 18:03, end time: 19:16 - Attendance: 3'100
City: Macau; Hall : Macau Forum
The young Brazilian team showed their talent by taking the first victory over Poland in Macau leg
With relative better tactics and defense, Brazil took the first technical time-out at 8:3 in the first set. But Poland managed to fight back at 8:9, with several mistakes committed by the young Brazilian team. However, Brazil got their pace soon to gain the second technical time out at 16:11. Sheilla Castro and Jaqueline Carvalho's powerful outside spikes contributed quite crucial points during the set. Brazil continued to dominate the set till 25:17.
Entering into the second set, Brazil could keep their spirit to take the lead at 10:3, 13:5, and took the 2nd technical time-out at 16:7. Though still keeping their determination, Poland could not overcome the pressure from Brazil, loosing the set with a large margin at 13:25.
With similar scene in the 2nd set, Brazil continued to take the lead in the 3rd set, without much pressure exerted by Poland. The teamwork and tactics of Brazil were quite good along the set. Poland aimed to change the rhythm by several substitutions, but still not very effective. Eventually, Brazil got the first victory in Macau leg by finishing the 3rd set at 25:19.