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World Grand Prix 2005 - Match Descriptive

Match Descriptive

U.S.A. beat Dominican Republic 3-2 (23-25, 23-25, 25-14, 25-16, 15-6) - duration 1:52
02-Jul, start time: 15:00, end time: 16:52 - Attendance: 1'700
City: Seoul; Hall : Seoul Student Gymnasium
A great "come-back" for USA, beating DOM 3-2
USA had very slow start as if they had not recovered from a surprising defeat by KOR, losing first 2 sets in a raw.
DOM put lots of pressure on USA hitters, especially for the USA main hitter #12 Nancy Metcalf with huge blocks, and put powerful spikers away on USA court.

"Unstoppable left-handed hitter (#12) of USA was not effective at all in the first 2 sets,
but she came back strongly from the 3rd set. She was everywhere along the net from left to right sides, saving USA from an another defeat.

USA continued their great efforts in the 4th set.
A a new comer on the court, a 200cm tall, huge spiker #3 Tayiba Haneef demonstrated very powerful spikers from the 3rd set and gave great pressure on DOM's spikers with 3 straight blocks on the 4th sets, leading USA to a final set.

USA was fully awake from the beginning of 5th set and showed great backcourt defense, powerful attacks, and great blocks, especially by #3 Tayiba Haneef of USA. It was a great 'come-back' for USA. DOM played very well in general but they had considerable number of unforced errors in serve and pass, and combination plays in spiking.