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World Grand Prix 2005 - Match Descriptive

Match Descriptive

Cuba beat Italy 3-0 (27-25, 25-20, 30-28) - duration 1:20
26-Jun, start time: 20:00, end time: 21:20 - Attendance: 4'800
City: Reggio Calabria; Hall : Palacalafiore
Cuba won in Reggio Calabria. Corageous Italy pays the bill
Cuba finalized a much more powerful attack with a break just before the first technical time out. The Italian receiving skills gave the carribeans the chance to go four points ahead in the score. Calderon became the terminal of a powerful but one sided attacking option. Sara Anzanello blocked some of the left sided spikes but Cuba was still four points ahead even with many serving mistakes. That helped Italy to try a come back finalizing a positive serving series by Francesca Ferretti. Bonitta put Elisa Cella on the field for a couple of winning attacks that took Italy on the lead. Cuba recovered immediately but some receiving mistakes put Italy on the set ball. The carribeans recovered with a great defence to win then the set fith a couple of attacks finalized by Yumilka Ruiz and Rosir Calderon again.
The second period saw the good start of Bonitta's team. A break Cuba recovered with three points in a row by Ruiz, Martinez and Calderon. Italy clinched the caribbeans again but some receiving mistakes opened them the road for another break. With 5 points to manage, Cuba took the control of the set. Bonitta's girls tried a comeback with a Cella's hat-trick. Two winning service by Barros Fernandez and some Italian mistakes signed the set.
Elisa Cella built the first Italian break of the third period. A non perfect carribean receiving skills gave Italy a 4 points margin. Something Cuba tried to recover unless Elisa Cella put in practice her 9th personal point. Italy woke up from the dream when Cuba, after an Italian mistake, sent Nancy Carrillo to serve: 6 points in a row to take a consistent lead. In the final part of the set, Italy had a tremendous comeback taking Calderon team at the extra points. Then Caseres first and a spike out by Fiorin turned a late enthusiasm to tears.