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World Grand Prix 2005 - Press Conference

Press conference

Japan beat Dominican Republic 3-0 (27-25, 25-22, 25-17) - duration 1:16
01-Jul, start time: 17:00, end time: 18:16 - Attendance: 1'600
City: Seoul; Hall : Seoul Student Gymnasium

Head Coach
The game was interesting. My players did very well in sets 1 and 2. We could have won the match.
But from the middle of 2 set our defence line went down, while attakc were pretty good.
We will be more developing from the today's results.

I have the same feeling with my coach. All the sets were so tough for us all. I will prepare for next matches.


Head Coach
My players showed their best performance in the 1st set. And it lasts untill the last point of the 3rd set.
That's why we could win the match.
Our training focusing in blocks was proved today as successful.
Some weakness have found in service reception but soon it was recovered.

I tought the major attacks are coming from the center position.
But it didn't. It was little embarrasing. But the service reception and blocks make us win.