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World Grand Prix 2005 - Press Conference

Press conference

Netherlands beat U.S.A. 3-0 (25-17, 25-14, 25-17) - duration 1:16
24-Jun, start time: 15:00, end time: 16:16 - Attendance: 7'551
City: Ningbo; Hall : Ningbo Beilun Gym
Ingrid Visser (the Netherlands): We are happy to win, it's a critical match for us. I think we did well in serving today.

Dutch head coach Avital Selinger: I think we played pretty well organized volleyball. Obviously we can do better, but it's our first game here and I am happy we can execute. We had good serving today, and we never lost our confidence, that's enough for today.

It's just a matter of time that the United States will be one of the strongest teams in the world.

Robyn Mow-Santos (the United States): We are still a new team, we should just try our best, that's all I could say.

Jenny (Lang Ping) was a great player and now she is a great coach, we all know that.

U.S. head coach Lang Ping: The result was not surprising because these players have trained together for only three days. Moreover, our two side spikeers are both college students, they never played such important games. Today we struggled in our offense as they destroyed our receiving with quality services. They also did very well in blocking today.

Our players tried their best, but we just need time to play better.