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Match Descriptive

Italy beat China 3-1 (16-25, 25-19, 25-21, 25-20) - duration 1:42
24-Jul, start time: 19:30, end time: 21:12 - Attendance: 7'950
City: Hefei, China; Hall : Hong San Huan
Italy defeated China 3-1 (16-25, 25-19 , 25-21, 25-20 ) - duration: 1:42
24-Jul, starting time: 19:30, end time: 21:12 - Attendance: 7,950
City: Hefei, China; Hall: Hong Sanhuan Gym
Italy downed China 3-1 (16-25, 25-19 , 25-21, 25-20 )
Both teams came out with superb form, refusing to five the other side chances to hit back. The game turned a hard-fought battle, as China tried hard to catch up. However, with vigorous attacks and teamwork, the Italian team managed to clinch the match 3-1.

In the first set, Italy fought hard and did not lose the rhythm. However, China, with strong attacks and fine defenses, took the lead all the way through the set till 25-16.

Italy took a two-point lead ahead at the beginning of the second set. But China stepped up very soon and tied the score 5-all. Then the set was a seesaw battle and tied many times. Italy broke the tie with strong blocking behind No. 3 Togut Elisa and No. 10 Paggi Paola and led 16-13 before the second technical timeout. The Italian played better and won the set 25-19.

In the third set, Italy continued to play to form, leading the set from the beginning till 21- China fought back hard, but Italy, with good setting and blocking, won the third set 25-21.

China launched a counter-attack in the fourth set, once leading two-point ahead. Italy took advantage of errors of the Chinese team and tied the score at 10-all. Italy led the set 16-13 before the second technical timeout. China failed to block and lost the set 20-25. Match 48 ended 3-1 in