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Match Descriptive

Italy beat Dominican Republic 3-1 (25-20, 23-25, 29-27, 25-19) - duration 1:46
23-Jul, start time: 15:30, end time: 17:16 - Attendance: 5'800
City: Hefei, China; Hall : Hong San Huan
Italy beat Dominican Republic 3-1 (25-20, 23-25, 29-27, 25-19 ) - duration: 1:45
Italy beat Dominican Republic 3-1 (25-20, 23-25, 29-27, 25-19 ) - duration: 1:45
23-Jul, starting time: 15:30, end time: 15: 15 - Attendance:
City: Hefei, China; Hall: Hong Sanhuan Gym
Match 45 Italy vs. Dominican Republic 3-1
Both team played well. The match was exciting. Italy seemed to recover from yesterday's loss to Poland. After winning the first set, Italy laid a foundation to the victory. Sharp attacks of Team Dominican Republic demonstrated its strength, but failed to stop the Italians from winning the 45th match 3-1 in one hour forty five minutes.
Excitement characterized the first set. Both teams defended and attacked very hard. Italy led a 16:13 run before the second technical timeout. The score was close all through the set until Italy wrapped up the set 25-20 due to serving fault of Dominican Republic Team.
In the second set, Dominican Republic gained two points in the beginning. And Italy fought back hard. Dominican Republic took a leading 16-11 behind No. 10 Cabral de la Cruz before the second technical timeout. The Italians caught up rhythm and rallied to 23-24, but lost the set 23-25 due to the errors.
The third set was a seesaw battle, and both teams caught up with each other, tying the score 13 times, the last 27-27. Italy seemed to lost the rhythm but luckily gained it back at the last minute, winning the set 29-27.
Italy continued to fight to form from the beginning of the fourth set to the end behind No. 2. Dominican Republic did not react in time. The set ended 25-19 in favor of Italy.
Both teams supplied good performance and won supportive cheers of the spectators.