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Match Descriptive

Russia beat Thailand 3-1 (22-25, 25-17, 27-25, 25-17) - duration 1:40
24-Jul, start time: 18:05, end time: 19:45 - Attendance: 1'350
City: Rostock, Germany; Hall : Stadthalle Rostock
Russia overpowered Thailand 3-1
Block and spike of the physically superior Russians were good at the start of the first set providing a lot of problems for Thailand (8-3). But after this bad start the Thai team got back, defended very well and shortened the Russian lead to just one point (19-18).When Nurak Nokputta blocked an attack they achieved the draw (20-20). Further points by Thailand's no. 4 player ended in surprisingly winning the set 25-22.

The second set began the same way the first as had ended: The Russians were uncertain, the Thais played loose and free supported by the Rostock crowds (12-8). Only when coach Omelchenko put 1.98m tall Tatiana Gorchkova and Olga Sazhina in, the Russian game improved. There block and defence became better. This paid off by winning the second set for a 1-1 draw by sets.

Once the Russians had taken over the lead (20-16) after trailing behind most of the time, it seemed the favourites were going to win that set easily. However, the Thais countered scoring six points in a row. After fighting off two set points, it was the Russians who celebrated at the end: a successfully block by Vdovina and Chukanova ensured the final standing 27-25.

Russia never relinquished the lead in the fourth set, though the Thais came close again and again. But ultimately Vdovina's good blocking and hard-hitting Safronova won the match. Russia was the victors, but Thailand gained a lot of new friends.