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Match Descriptive

Germany beat Thailand 3-1 (25-14, 25-20, 23-25, 25-22) - duration 1:51
22-Jul, start time: 20:35, end time: 22:26 - Attendance: 1'100
City: Rostock, Germany; Hall : Stadthalle Rostock
Germany gains first victory at home over Thailand
The hosting German team played very focussed against outsiders Thailand right from the start, at first even without their captain and star, Angelina Gruen who arrived in Rostock only three hours before the start of the match. She had been at home because her grandmother had died. There was never a doubt about Germany winning the first set. The physical domination of the German players over their opponents was proven by man block and spike points. The youngest German player, Christiane Fuerst, 19, particularly impressed.

Thailand's team managed to make the second set much more balanced by a good defence. Though the hosts were leading most of the time, the players of head coach Nataphon Srisamutnak were able to get back all the time. However, they could not avoid losing the second set with Brigit Thumm making the last point for the 25-20 score in the block.

Great blocking by the Germans seemed to decide the third set prematurely: four successive balls were blocked, and it was 5-0. But Thailand's team fought back with a superb defence and even took over the lead at 19-18. One Thai block against Thumm achieved the decisive point for the deserved win of the set for the guests.

A series of attacks making three points in a row by Germany's Olessya Kulakova was the basis for a 14-8 lead by Germany in the fourth set. But as in the third set, Thailand's team showed a great fighting spirit and got back into the game (16-16). Thumm finally gained the decisive points for Germany's 3-1 victory.