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World Grand Prix 2004 - Press Info

Press conference

Brazil beat Italy 3-1 (25-19, 25-19, 24-26, 25-19) - duration 1:43
01-Aug, start time: 20:05, end time: 21:48 - Attendance: 9'100
City: Reggio Calabria; Hall : Palapentimele hall
Manuela Leggeri (Italy captain):
"I'm very happy, although we are a little disappointed for losing tonight. We are satisfied with our play and for claiming our first silver medal at the World Grand Prix. We had many ups and downs, especially in the first and in the second set. Brazil is a very solid team and they played well. We have played a lot in the last 35 days, so we suffered a little bit from tiredness. We are improving, and some players, like Elisa Togut, are still recovering so in Athens we will be in better form."

Fernanda Venturini (Brazil captain):
"We started well, controlling their good players Simona Rinieri and Nadia Centoni. We are very satisfied with this victory, because controlling their good players helped us to work well. Now our principal aim is Athens 2004."

Marco Bonitta (Italy head coach):
"We didn't played as well as yesterday. In the third set we found spirit and heart and we managed to win the set. Brazil played better than us, and we played below our best. They served better than us, and they were very good in the combination of blocking and digging."

Jose Guimaraes (Brazil head coach):
"We contested well in a Grand Prix, which was very even, both in the Preliminary Round and in the Final Round. Here in Reggio Calabria we lost against Cuba, and then we fought three decisive matches. As Fernanda said, we managed to stop Rinieri, Centoni and Piccinini, who were impressive in Saturday's semifinal against Cuba. We made many errors, especially when the Italian Del Core drove her team to win the third set. I'm really satisfied with our victory. I like my team especially for their concentration but most of all for their determination. We were growing all the time during this tournament. I think Italy had difficulties because they lost the first match of the Final Round and they also had to use a lot of energy against USA."

Other quotes:

Erika (Brazil):
"In Brazil we have an idea of Volleyball that we put young and experienced players together so we teach each other how to play a strong game. In this way the team becomes more united, everybody can help each other. We are a very versatile team and that is why both the men's and women's teams are champions at the moment."