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World Grand Prix 2004 - Press Info

Press conference

China beat Italy 3-1 (25-20, 25-23, 24-26, 25-20) - duration 1:47
28-Jul, start time: 20:10, end time: 21:57 - Attendance: 2'800
City: Reggio Calabria; Hall : Palapentimele hall
Manuela Leggeri (Italy captain):
"We started a little bit nervously. Then we improved and gained important points. But at the end we had a lack of concentration and against such a team like China it was impossible to recuperate. We had a lot of ups and downs."

Kun Feng (China captain):
"We played very well both on receiving and attacking. We are working hard to try to reach our best level."

Marco Bonitta (Italy head coach):
"The team didn't play at the level we have performed in recent times. China deserved to win. We received and served badly, and we didn't set as we wanted. We made some changes during the match, but we were down in the score and it was hard to recuperate."

Chen Zhonghe (China head coach):
"Italy didn't play at their best. We played against them recently and they were stronger. We are training hard to reach our best level."

Other quotes
Simona Rinieri (Italy spiker):
"We didn't play as we know. We made many mistakes on receiving and attacking, especially in the second set. We needed to play at 100% to beat China. They were better than last Saturday, we were worse."

Francesca Piccinini (Italy spiker):
"The World Grand Prix is a great test looking forward Athens 2004. In the first three sets we were close to them. We need to think of match after match. We will think about Olympics next."