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World Grand Prix 2003 - Press Info

Press conference

U.S.A. beat Korea 3-0 (30-28, 25-21, 25-17) - duration 1.25
02-Aug, start time: 19.37, end time: 21.02 - Attendance: 800
Yoshida Toshiaki, USA Head Coach: " The Korean team showed a good organisation of play.They spiked strongly and this gave us many difficulties. A good victory that comes by playing a good volleyball"

Danelle Scott, USA Head Coach:"A good match, especially in the first set. Our opposing team gave us difficulties, but we showed good skills and reaction. Basic for us the victory of the first set."

Kim Cheol -Yong, South Korea Head Coach: "Lost the first set, the team went down but that doesn't matter, it was important to examine the play against a nice team like USA."

Choi Kwang-Hee: "It was a pity to lose the first set. The American team played a good play. We caused them problems in the smash service. Anyway a good World Grand Prix and a fantastic public"