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  2007 Women's World Cup
 CUB / Cuba - Team Composition
Team manager Luis Hernandez, Mireya
Head coach Perdomo Estrella, Antonio
Assistant coach George Lafita, Eugenio
Doctor Gonzalez Niebla, Jorge Luis
Therapist / trainer Oviedo Bonilla, Luis
Journalist Oviedo Duquesne, Abelardo
  No. Name Lastname Shirt Name Birthdate Height Weight Spike Block Club
C 1 Yumilka Ruiz Luaces Ruiz 08.05.1978 180 63 326 305 Camaguey
2   Yanelis Santos Allegne Santos 30.03.1986 181 69 324 304 Ciego de Avila
3 Nancy Carrillo de la Paz Carrillo 11.01.1986 190 74 320 315 Ciudad de la Habana
4   Yenisey Gonzalez Dias Gonzalez 22.08.1983 193 70 320 305 La Habana
6 Daymi de la Caridad Ramirez Echevarria Ramirez 08.10.1983 180 77 305 290 Camaguey
L 8   Yaima Ortiz Charro Ortiz 09.11.1981 181 72 326 303 Ciudad de la Habana
9 Rachel Sanchez Perez Sanchez 09.01.1989 190 86 316 297 Pinar del Rio
10   Yusleyni Herrera Alvarez Herrera 12.03.1984 178 63 325 305 Cuidad de la Habana
12 Rosir Calderón Diaz Calderón 28.12.1984 191 70 330 307 Ciudad de la Habana
14   Kenia Carcaces Opón Carcaces 23.01.1986 190 78 322 300 Volero Zürich
15 Yusidey Silie Frómeta Silie 11.11.1984 184 77 316 300 Cuidad de la Habana
18   Zoila Barros Fernández Barros 16.08.1976 188 72 328 307 Ciudad de la Habana
 C=Captain  L=Libero
Team Profile   Coach Profile
From the year of foundation of the World Cup (1973), our team has been present in all its editions and it accumulates in total of 4 medals of gold, won in a serial way from, the 1989 at the 1999, performance without precedents in the histories of this competition of high level.

In it finishes it edition of the  of World Cup , they achieved in 6 place and in that moment, we consider appropriate their performance, keeping in minds the youth that accompanied to the group, for changes carried out after the Olympic Games of the 2000 and the necessary thing of expecting a time, to achieve high results.

The 2007 have been a favorable year for the feminine Volleyball of Cuba where again I take the reins of the Pan-American Games, with a masterful performance and a historical victory in front of Brazil in their own game scenario, in the Tournament NORCECA in Canada, also occupies the first place and with it its classification for the Glass of the World and now the aspirations are in having a good performance in this Glass and for its position to achieve the Olympic classification.

The Cuban team already has a group of young player established and that they have demonstrated that they know how to win, such as Yumilka Ruiz, Zoila Acne, Rosir Calderón, Daimi Ramírez, Yanelis Santos, Nancy Cheeks directed by two men that have made history inside our sport as Eugenio George Lafita and Antonio Perdomo Shatters, which will put all her zeal in fulfilling the objectives that we have.

Clever the Cuban team for their eleventh participation in the World Cup with the on aim in the Olympic Games of the 2008, in which it looked for their fifth serial medal.
  The Head Coach team of the Cuban Women’s team is Antonio
Perdomo Estrella. In the last 30 years he has been working with all
the teams of Cuba in competitions of the highest level, participating in Olympic
Games, World Championships, World Cup, World Grand Prix among others.
Since one year he has been back to the Women’s team, having as Assistant Coach the famous Eugenio George Lafita. A golden coaches’ pair to lead the new team towards the Olympic season.