FIVB Volleyball Girls' U18 World Championship

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Style of Japan captivates American Kiraly

The style of Japan with quick attacks and great defence was the difference against USA in the match for the bronze medal

Tijuana, Mexico, October 12, 2013 – Japan established their formidable style of play for the last two sets of the encounter and easily won over United States to claim the bronze medal.

Kanami Tashiro, captain of Japan: USA is a great team. In the second set we had a lot of pressure, but after the third one, we could get back on track. Thanks for the support of all fans.

Gina Mancuso, captain of USA: It’s different. It wasn’t how we wanted to finish. I think we are all disappointed. There were some things that we could control but we didn’t. Ever since the third set, Japan had the momentum. The whole match we tried to fight back but it was too late. There are still some good things we did at this tournament. It was a really fun experience we can’t go away completely disappointed, and I know we can do it better next year.

Shigekazu Okubo, coach of Japan: It was very tough for us. It really cost us a lot, because USA is a very talented team, with brilliant players and with a lot of future. Japan learned a lot in this championship. But we are still in the middle of the road and we want to go beyond.

Karch Kiraly, coach of USA: I want to congratulate Japan. You played a very fine tournament. They only lost one match. I don’t know how you win all your matches and don’t win your group, but that’s a crazy point system. We thought that they would be a great model of very hard work and wonderful effort. They are a great model and we were hoping that they would inspire us to have that kind of effort, but we were quite disappointed to not be able to be close to that kind of effort. Sometimes is hard to remember the good things when you finish with a disappointment like this.

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