FIVB Volleyball Girls' U18 World Championship


Brazil send home crowd wild with first Men's U23 world title

Brazil claimed the first ever U23 world title on home soil

Uberlandia, Brazil, October 13, 2013 - Brazil won the first Men's U23 World Championship title on home soil, claiming gold with a pulsating 3-2 (29-27, 15-21, 21-17, 19-21, 15-13) win against Serbia on the last day of competition at the Arena Presidente Tancredo Neves.

Brazil twice took the lead and Serbia twice came back to level the match before Brazil took a close tie-break for a popular home victory.

The match started evenly, but Brazil gave away too many error points early on and head coach Roberley Leonaldo called a timeout at 10-7 down. After Brazil reduced the errors the set was closer and they earned a set point at 20-19 but were denied by an Aleksandar Atanasijevic spike. Serbia went on to defend six set points in total before attacks from Rafael Araujo and captain Lucarelli gave Brazil the first set 29-27.

The second set followed a similar pattern at the start with Brazil's blocks unable to contain Serbia's attacks and the timeout came at 11-7 down. Serbia continued the same way after the stoppage with wing spikers Filip Stoilovic, Dusan Petkovic and Uros Kovacevic all supplying points as Serbia took the set 21-15 to level the match.

Brazil started the third set better than the previous two with attacking points from Henrique Pinto Otavio and Rafael putting them into an early three-point advantage which they maintained to lead 12-9 at the technical timeout. Rafael also earned some crucial points towards the end of the set, specifically a big block to put Brazil 18-15 ahead, and from there they took the set 21-17 for a 2-1 lead.

The fourth set was even up to the technical break with Rafael, Matheus Cunda and Otavio all getting points for Brazil while Atanasijevic and Kovacevic kept Serbia just ahead. Serbia went on a small run of points after the timeout that gave them the advantage and, despite some determined Brazil blocking from Otavio and Lucarelli towards the end, more Atanasijevic attacks gave Serbia the set 21-19 to level the match for the second time.

Setter Thiago Veloso turned the tie-break in Brazil's favour early on with a clever touch point and then some difficult serving that put his team a couple of points ahead. From there Lucarelli's spikes and some good blocking from Otavio and Lucas Loh kept Brazil ahead, and it was left to Rafael to spike the winning point for a 15-13 tie-break.

In the tournament's highest-scoring match, Rafael finished as Brazil's top scorer with 23 points, but the match's top scorer was Serbia captain Atanasijevic, whose 25 points almost carried his team to victory.

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Iran resist Tunisia challenge with 3-1 victory

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New World Championship was a challenge for Iran, says Ghara

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Brazil stay unbeaten and on track for final four

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Home team "put a lot of pressure" on Egypt to win, says Rafael

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Tunisia's main scorer shows signs of satisfaction about his side

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Serbia stay unbeaten with straightforward win

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Serbia's Petkovic praises Mexican play: "This wasn't an easy game"

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Venezuela hold off Australia to record first win

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Rodriguez shows the Venezuelan hopes for next round

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Ricardo Lucarelli: "We were able to change during the game"

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Serbia overcome Australia challenge for second win

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"We can play much better," points out Serbia's Srecko Lisinac

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Russia stay unbeaten against competitive Venezuela

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For captain Kovalev, Russia rely on team-play instead of a star player

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Efficient Iran claim second tournament win

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Iran keep growing for big matches, says middle blocker Faezi

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Favourites make light work of championship's first day

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Bulgaria close day one with straight-sets win

06.10.2013 23:57:01
High ambitions for Jani Jeliazkov and the entire Bulgaria team

06.10.2013 23:56:10
Brazil open championship with dominant win

06.10.2013 23:56:03
For Brazil's Lucas Loh, it was an important win to "remove the tension"

06.10.2013 23:55:20
Argentina survive Tunisia scare to claim victory

06.10.2013 23:55:01
Nicolas Mendez: "This will teach us to play at our maximum"

06.10.2013 20:33:36
Iran prove too strong for Australia

06.10.2013 20:32:05
Iran claim to be "ready to win" after successful opener

06.10.2013 18:05:46
Serbia overcome slow start to record opening win

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"We played at their level," says Venezuela's captain Pinerua

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Russia cruise to opening victory

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Mexican players learning from first ever match at U23 World Champs

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New U23 age group gives Iran surprise chance

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