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Ladies are always behind success in Turkey

Ladies taking part of organization of U21 World Championship in Izmir

 Izmir, Turkey, August 31, 2013- In a big competition like the FIVB Men's U21 World Championship, there are a lot of personnel more than players, coaches and officials of the participating teams. There is a big team behind the great success of the competition from the organizer side, among others Volleyball Information System "VIS" team, doctors, court assistants and media.  But as usual the women touch appears in Turkey where most of those hard workers were females.
 Everyone became one big team to make the organization better. VIS team is working together in alternating teams all consisting of ladies of average 25y old. Their work appear for everyone around the world in the FIVB web site to keep up with the match and help the players, coaches and media to perform their job.
 The Press assistants are all from females and they share in writing down the interviews, quotes of the press conferences and stories to let media all over the world know what is going on in few seconds.
 Doctors are also females led by Arzu Yagiz, the medical service Director who works to keep the safety and healthy environment of the competition under supervision of the FIVB Medical Delegate Mrs. Annie Beytavin.
 Court assistants are all from the young players of Arkas team in Izmir who are volunteers to help the players during the match as ball retrievers and to clean the floor to prevent any injuries. Without these teams there won't be any organization and without those people behind the scene, organization will never work out.
 Some of those females like volleyball a lot as part of their life specially the young girls playing in the mini volley teams while some others of them want to work in the organization to assist their country in front of the world. Everyone has different objectives but all of them are trying their best to finish the organization at the highest level.
Gizem Kumbasar is 25 years old graphic designer said: "I love working in these tournaments.  I was working in an online basketball magazine when I was a student. I worked in few basketball competitions but this is my first volleyball involvement. I love being on the press side of the championships. It is so much fun to talk with players and coaches about how they got ready and what they have been doing.”
"I'm 14 years old and I play volleyball in Arkas Volleyball Team. I love volleyball a lot," said Zeynep Kocak who is a court assistant. "I have a great chance to watch players from different countries. This helps me a lot to improve myself as a player." The young volleyball player mentioned.
 Duygu Iyison is 29 years old referee in Turkish Volleyball Federation for two years. For Men's U21 World Championship she works as back-up for VIS team. “As a Volleyball lover, I think that all participating teams and Turkish Volleyball Federation are doing very good job and I really enjoy the championship." she said.
 Arzu On was playing volleyball as a professional, now she is a doctor. She is also in the health Commission of the Turkish Volleyball Federation. "As I can see, there are different age categories between those volunteer girls. I love volleyball and I want to help its improvement in Turkey. I'm glad to help my country," she said.
 13y old Ozge Bute, is one of the court assistants in Izmir from Arkas team players. "I'm really glad that this championship is happening in Turkey. Here I have a chance to watch best teams and players around the world. I also get experiences from their play.”
 FIVB Delegate guide Beste Emul doesn't have any sports history. "I never watched volleyball before," she said. "Because of this organization I got a lot of experience than I thought. I saw how teams can be grateful and respect their opponents in the court.
Another VIS member who is also is a volleyball referee since 2003, Ummuhan Ersoy said that she is fund of volleyball, and then she decided to be a referee. "Being a referee made me love volleyball more and more. I always enjoy watching volleyball either as a referee or a VIS team member.”
Irem Dogan is also a young volleyball player in Arkas who is dedicated to volleyball loves the atmosphere here. "Watching the battle between players is helping me a lot. I'm enjoying watching something I do and learning at the same time. Thank you for FIVB and Turkish Volleyball Federation to let us improve ourselves by only watching and being a part of this championship.
"I’m 21 years old and actually I had never watched a volleyball match. I wanted to be a guide but I missed the deadline, so I had possibility to be a volunteer in this tournament. said Dilara Atavci.  "I had no idea what would I do here, fortunately I became an assistant of press and I am improving myself by means of interview and writing skills. I study English Language and Literature at Ege University, so this is a big opportunity for me to practice what I have learned in lectures. I have a friendly atmosphere and I met with new people in international level. Now I love volleyball more than anything else."
Hearing from teams that championship is going great means girls behind the scenes are doing a really great job.

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