FIVB Volleyball Girls' U18 World Championship


USA need united system of play

USA opposite Benjamin Patch thinks that his team need to be united and here he spikes against Serbia

Izmir, Turkey, September 2, 2013- USA Junior team closed their campaign in the FIVB Men's U21 World Championship in Turkey at the 11th position, however there is a lot of outcome more than only a number at the final standings of the thrilling competition.
USA players are playing in different collages from all over USA, Which means they have different techniques and tactics of volleyball. USA coach Peter Hanson, is trying to put USA system but it is difficult because they didn't have enough time for the preparation. They are getting better day by day. They gained a lot experienced by playing together in Turkey.

 â€œOur players are getting closer and closer to really understanding about the game and how it is played. This is something we gained at this level. We had difficult matches against strong teams like Serbia, Brazil and Canada, however our techniques are getting better” coach Hanson said. 

 â€œWe were technically better than the previous match against Serbia. I think this is something we gained at this level. We have been improving ourselves since the first day. Now, we are better in our game level” he continued after the last match against Serbia. 

USA most prominent star was Benjamin Patch who is studying business in Brigham Young University and opposite hitter of BYU's volleyball team. He was in USA Youth National Team in 2011 and USA Junior National Team in 2012. He was named MVP in the NORCECA Championship. In high school he led Prove High School to a State Championship.

 Matthew West is another star of the team proved high perfromance during the competition. He is studying Interpersonal Relations in Pepperdine University, junior class student. He won bronze medal at the 2011 Men's U19 Pan American Cup in Mexicali, Mexico. In 2012 he won gold medal at the NORRECA Continental Championship in Colorada Springs. 

Captain Matthew West and player Benjamin Patch are having an amazing championship. Patch is 6th on top competition scorers. Also, USA is the best team in spikes in the championship.

“We just have little things to take care of, to be a team like Russia, Brazil or Serbia.” USA coach added. 

“They are experienced, They are a good blocking team and they have good coach also” said USA captain West, about the match against Serbia and added, “I think we are all good individual players. We are all coming from different colleges. I think throughout the tournament, we have known each other. We had five weeks to practice before the World Championship. It is tough to create the team chemistry through the whole tournament.” he continued. 

“Clearly we need more time with these young men together to get everyone understand what we would like to do in almost every situation. That is a trouble sometimes, it is difficult for us to put teams together for a long time but it is something that our programme would like to do. Hopefully we can get these ideas back to USA Volleyball. And maybe for the next cycle they will have enough training time” Coach Hanson mentioned. 

 â€œWe are facing some troubles. I think all of the international volleyball teams should know how to manage the team energy. Sometimes we figure out how we are going to stay strong. We had a lot of energy and excitement before we came to Turkey. I feel like towards the end, we broke out” Patch said. 

Benjamin Patch thinks that they should learn how to manage their energy for the future competitions. “I think our biggest trouble was the shortness of the time we practiced together. The more time we spend time together the more chemistry will happen as a team. For the future the biggest thing is just finding a way to get the team together as soon as possible so that we can learn how to keep our energy together.”

In Patch's future plans, he is hoping to play for USA Senior Volleyball Team and Olympics but his biggest objective is to be a dad one day.



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