FIVB Volleyball Girls' U18 World Championship

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"Our service and the amazing Souza performance were behind the victory," says Brazil coach Leo

Press conference after the match between USA and Brazil

Brazil coach Leonardo Carvalho:

“I wish good luck to the USA to the next matches. I think we were more emotionally balanced during the match. From this point competitions are very important. We had good match but emotional balance could lead us to lose or win. About our opposite player made an impressive match and he had this condition because we have an excellent reception. Middle blockers of USA was worried every time. I'm happy and I think we made a very good match today. Emotional control is the most important thing during the match. We had difficulties time to time but we were balanced and won the match.”

Brazil captain Thiago Veloso:

“USA's opposite is a great hitter and we knew this. During the match, we decided to change our service to float service. We have good skills on block and especially they have one extra hitter. I'm happy about the result and our play.

USA coach Peter Hanson:

“First of all, congratulations to Brazil, they played an excellent match and we wish the best in the next round for the pursuit of the gold medal. I thought as we started, in the third set USA players became very impatient. We tried to play little too fast and we took too many chances. However, we were not successful. Brazil gained the momentum. They are well coached team and played very disciplined at the net. USA struggled with the serve receive. I thought our hitters became impatient and tried to do too much. We weren’t successful with that. In set four, we tried to tie the game and Brazil sided out, I think one of the points was the ball handling violations. Then we became impatient again. At that juncture, you need to relax and just continue to play. I think some of that is the experience that USA will gain. We will get better, they are good players and they will get better in time.”

USA team captain Matthew West:

“I think in the third set we lost the fire. In the second set, Brazil came out strong, as they always do. They are very good team. They executed their game plan was very well. We didn’t respond well to them. It took us a while to pick up the pace again in the fourth set, by that point it was just too late.”

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