FIVB Volleyball Girls' U18 World Championship


Unbeaten Iran win Pool B, Mexico wait for last match to find out their destiny

Iran too powerful for Mexico

Ankara, Turkey, August 26, 2013 – Iran achieved their fourth consecutive victory in four matches at the FIVB Volleyball Men's U21 World Championship in Ankara to finish unbeaten on top of Pool A.  In their last match of the pool phase, they hammered out a 3-0 (25-20, 25-21, 25-17) win over Mexico.  Iran will face Egypt in Wednesday’s Round of 16, while Mexico have to wait for the last match in the pool to find out whether they make it to the Round of 16 at all.


Mexico’s good blocking was not nearly enough to put a brake on Iran’s flight to the top position.  In the first two sets Farhad Nafarzadeh’s players once again showed their abilities to play some great volleyball.  Inspired by their fans on the stands again, the Iranians moved to gain a 2-0 sets advantage with 25-20 and 25-21.  Despite having already secured the first place in the pool, they did not stop at that and continued to dominate on the court during the third set.  After 25-17 they certainly had a good reason to celebrate...


Roberto Rincon scored 15 points for Mexico to top the scorers’ chart of the match.  Ghara Ebadipour made 13 points for Iran.   




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I want to thank all my players for the incredible results - coach Bonitta

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It is important to finish with a win - coach Nafarzadeh

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Japan rebound to down Tunisia 3-1 at Men's U21

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Russia cruise to the semifinals with a speedy win against India

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Serbia back to winning ways against China

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"It was a good fighting for each team," says France coach

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France maintain momentum with thriller five-setter win over resistant Canada

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The championship starts now - captain Gungor

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Turkey shut out Mexico to stay in their capital through the rest of the U21 World Championship

28.08.2013 17:53:59
"We did not come here to win the World Championship," says Tunisia coach

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Russia rout the early spirited Tunisians

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We did not give Japan the chance to play - coach Jothish

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India cruise to the quarterfinals with straight sets against Japan

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"After the second set, we were waiting for Italian mistakes," says - Serbia coach

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Italy outlast the Serbians in grueling five-setter

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We had our chance, but we could not use it - coach Di Zhang

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Argentina on to the quarterfinals with a 3-1 win over China

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"Our service and the amazing Souza performance were behind the victory," says Brazil coach Leo

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Alan Souza helps Brazil cruise past USA

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Mental preparation for this match was hard for my players – coach Nafarzadeh

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Iran shut out Egypt to become the first team to qualify for U21 World Championship quarterfinals

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Second round line up completed at Men's U21 World Championship

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"We are really satisfied about our play," says Italy coach

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Participation in such a championship is a great experience for us – captain Jarv

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Both teams happy with their performance after Mexico v Iran match

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"We came here to win each match," says Brazil coach

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Brazil conclude Pool D with a straight sets victory against winless Venezuela

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Our chances against Iran are slim – coach Abouzeid

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Morocco earn first win, but fail to make it into Round of 16

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"We are gaining more and more experiences," says Rwanda coach

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India finish second in Pool A after straight-sets win over China

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Resurgent USA put paid to Canada in neighbours clash