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  Lausanne, Switzerland, September 13, 2013 – The International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) in collaboration with the FIVB Heroes project and the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) conducted an anti-doping outreach programme at the FIVB Mens' Under 21 World Championship in Izmir and Ankara in Turkey.

17.09.2013 15:05:20   Anti-doping education outreach programme gains momentum at U21 Championship

06.09.2013 14:56:26   Men's U21 MVP looking to hard work for success
03.09.2013 09:27:10   Russian “player factory” dominates the volleyball world
02.09.2013 12:26:37   Mohamed Lazreug whistles his last FIVB match to give way to young Algerian referees
02.09.2013 10:52:29   USA need united system of play
02.09.2013 10:00:07   Men's Under 21 World Championship FIVB Web TV highlights
01.09.2013 21:29:58   Russia defend world title in fantastic display of volleyball
01.09.2013 20:02:39   If we had not been favourites, it would have been easier - coach Nikolaev
01.09.2013 19:43:40   Russian machine too powerful for Brazil
01.09.2013 17:52:28   I want to thank all my players for the incredible results - coach Bonitta
01.09.2013 17:33:31   Italy win U21 World Championship bronze
01.09.2013 17:02:13   "We are the best in the world," says Serbia's Kovacevic
01.09.2013 16:44:49   Serbia claim 9th place with spectacular victory against Japan
01.09.2013 15:50:44   "The game between Egypt and Tunisia is special," says Egypt coach
01.09.2013 15:25:01   It is important to finish with a win - coach Nafarzadeh
01.09.2013 15:16:11   Ladies are always behind success in Turkey
01.09.2013 15:02:59   Tunisia close in eleventh place with a win over rivals Egypt at Men's U21
01.09.2013 14:59:04   Iran claim the fifth place with a 3-1 victory over Turkey
01.09.2013 12:54:18   All of my players made their contribution to this win - coach Muraco
01.09.2013 12:31:07   Argentina come from two sets behind to claim the seventh place in Ankara
01.09.2013 12:28:27   "We finished the tournament at the highest performance," says USA coach
01.09.2013 12:06:25   USA edge neighbours Canada for 11th place at Men's U21
01.09.2013 11:10:26   Koukartsev’s parents follow him to Ankara as he is following their path in volleyball
01.09.2013 10:42:57   "We need to start working on younger players," says Mexico coach
01.09.2013 10:26:12   China see off Mexico to clinch 15th spot at Men's U21
31.08.2013 23:53:55   Brazil and Russia to battle for the U21 World Championship title
31.08.2013 23:03:00   "I'm very proud of my team although we lost," says Canada coach
31.08.2013 22:51:50   Japan upset Canada in a Marathon five setter
31.08.2013 21:20:02   "Players are getting closer to understand each other," says coach Hanson
31.08.2013 21:04:21   Everybody wants to be first - captain Feoktistov
31.08.2013 20:51:22   In 10 days we are more experienced than six years ago- Rwanda's captain
31.08.2013 20:43:07   Russia beat France in a dramatic semifinal to face Brazil for the world title
31.08.2013 18:46:26   This was a real international volleyball derby! - coach Carvalho
31.08.2013 18:43:28   Brazil enter the U21 World Championship final with a 3-1 win against Italy
31.08.2013 18:22:26   "We won but I am not happy with our performance," says Tunisia coach
31.08.2013 17:43:23   Tunisia overcome Mexico to set a new North African clash for 13th
31.08.2013 17:43:23   Serbian fightback quells USA resistance
31.08.2013 15:10:33   "We made the match difficult for us," says Egypt coach
31.08.2013 14:53:52   Egypt claim second victory against China in Epic five- setter
31.08.2013 14:28:15   My players know what to do on the court and they did their best - coach Hizal
31.08.2013 14:13:33   Turkey to battle with Iran for the fifth place
31.08.2013 13:14:40   At the age of 20, Novi is not new to volleyball
31.08.2013 12:14:22   After each set my players concentrated more on the game - coach Nafarzadeh
31.08.2013 12:08:04   "We will make a difference in the future," says coach Bitok
31.08.2013 12:00:17   Iran find more motivation to fight for the fifth place than Argentina
31.08.2013 12:00:03   Morocco seal a straight set win over Rwanda to finish 18th
31.08.2013 09:59:04   "We gained a lot from this tournament," Estonia coach
31.08.2013 09:54:17   Estonia take over Venezuela to finish 17th at Men's U21
30.08.2013 21:46:26   Four teams from the same pool make it to the U21 World Championship semifinals
30.08.2013 21:29:16   "We won by the service pressure," says Canada coach
30.08.2013 21:11:04   Powerful Canada send Mexico packing
30.08.2013 20:17:27   We were afraid to play Turkey, but so were they - coach Faure
30.08.2013 19:50:43   France disappoint the crowd in Ankara with straight sets against Turkey
30.08.2013 19:15:03   "My players couldn't come back technically and mentally," says Tunisia coach
30.08.2013 19:00:03   Japan rebound to down Tunisia 3-1 at Men's U21
30.08.2013 17:22:41   We expected a more difficult match – coach Nikolaev
30.08.2013 16:46:00   Russia cruise to the semifinals with a speedy win against India
30.08.2013 16:38:24   "We recovered and focused on the other matches," says Serbia coach
30.08.2013 16:26:20   Serbia back to winning ways against China
30.08.2013 15:18:03   We deserved this win in a game against a strong opponent – coach Bonitta
30.08.2013 15:01:33   Italy overpower Argentina in thrilling quarterfinal
30.08.2013 14:55:18   "Our energy was below at the beginning," says USA coach
30.08.2013 14:52:44   Physically higher USA top Egypt 3-1
30.08.2013 13:57:19   Russia's Poletaev dreams second gold in 2 months
30.08.2013 13:00:45   Volleyball is not all about height, according to the World Championship’s tallest player
30.08.2013 12:23:43   "I was expecting a much harder match," says Estonia coach
30.08.2013 12:13:56   Outstanding Estonia crush Rwanda in straight sets
30.08.2013 12:12:15   We had to fight for this – coach Carvalho
30.08.2013 11:55:54   Brazil are the first to make it to the semifinals in Ankara
30.08.2013 10:37:00   "We feel good about this win," says Venezuela captain
30.08.2013 10:27:18   Martinez aids Venezuela overcome Morocco at Men's U21
29.08.2013 23:24:01   Volleyball made my dreams a reality- Moroccan captain
29.08.2013 16:19:05   Rwanda and Estonia start victorious at Men's U21 classification matches
29.08.2013 15:40:07   "Now the chance is on our side," says Rwanda team captain
29.08.2013 15:24:57   Rwanda earn first ever World Champs win against Venezuela
29.08.2013 13:13:16   "This tournament is difficult," says Estonia captain
29.08.2013 12:59:34   Estonia upset Morocco in epic tiebreaker
28.08.2013 21:05:03   Italy pip Serbia as quarterfinal line up completed at Men's U21
28.08.2013 20:23:13   "It was a good fighting for each team," says France coach
28.08.2013 19:44:31   France maintain momentum with thriller five-setter win over resistant Canada
28.08.2013 19:06:40   The championship starts now - captain Gungor
28.08.2013 18:52:02   Turkey shut out Mexico to stay in their capital through the rest of the U21 World Championship
28.08.2013 17:53:59   "We did not come here to win the World Championship," says Tunisia coach
28.08.2013 17:35:17   Russia rout the early spirited Tunisians
28.08.2013 16:51:22   We did not give Japan the chance to play - coach Jothish
28.08.2013 16:38:32   India cruise to the quarterfinals with straight sets against Japan
28.08.2013 15:55:51   "After the second set, we were waiting for Italian mistakes," says - Serbia coach
28.08.2013 15:27:19   Italy outlast the Serbians in grueling five-setter
28.08.2013 15:17:20   We had our chance, but we could not use it - coach Di Zhang
28.08.2013 14:50:45   Argentina on to the quarterfinals with a 3-1 win over China
28.08.2013 12:47:30   "Our service and the amazing Souza performance were behind the victory," says Brazil coach Leo
28.08.2013 12:27:28   Alan Souza helps Brazil cruise past USA
28.08.2013 11:53:57   Mental preparation for this match was hard for my players – coach Nafarzadeh
28.08.2013 11:35:36   Iran shut out Egypt to become the first team to qualify for U21 World Championship quarterfinals
28.08.2013 07:33:14   Birthday boys help their teams earn victories in Ankara
26.08.2013 23:15:03   Second round line up completed at Men's U21 World Championship
26.08.2013 21:34:36   "We are really satisfied about our play," says Italy coach
26.08.2013 21:24:22   Italy survive Russian charge in five-set thriller at Men's U21
26.08.2013 21:05:40   Participation in such a championship is a great experience for us – captain Jarv
26.08.2013 20:47:17   Mexico - in, Estonia - out, as Argentina play fair to knock the European team out of the Round of 16
26.08.2013 18:26:42   Both teams happy with their performance after Mexico v Iran match
26.08.2013 18:02:58   Unbeaten Iran win Pool B, Mexico wait for last match to find out their destiny
26.08.2013 17:58:18   "We came here to win each match," says Brazil coach
26.08.2013 17:50:03   Brazil conclude Pool D with a straight sets victory against winless Venezuela
26.08.2013 16:46:53   Our chances against Iran are slim – coach Abouzeid
26.08.2013 16:28:17   Morocco earn first win, but fail to make it into Round of 16
26.08.2013 15:48:50   "We are gaining more and more experiences," says Rwanda coach
26.08.2013 15:24:04   Serbia complete full record with fourth win against Rwanda
26.08.2013 14:17:30   Gonzalo Quiroga following on the footsteps of a volleyball-loving family
26.08.2013 13:21:37   India played well while China were too tired from the match with Turkey
26.08.2013 12:57:57   India finish second in Pool A after straight-sets win over China
26.08.2013 12:57:43   Resurgent USA put paid to Canada in neighbours clash
25.08.2013 21:22:17   "It was a good fighting for both team," says France captain
25.08.2013 21:18:25   It will only get harder from now on, Turkey’s coach and captain stated
25.08.2013 21:15:03   France upset Brazil in amazing five setter at Men's U21
25.08.2013 21:03:23   Turkey win Pool A with four victories and a 12-2 set record
25.08.2013 18:53:33   I thank all my players and our fans – coach Nafarzadeh
25.08.2013 18:32:56   Iran continue their winning streak with a spectacular victory over Japan
25.08.2013 18:31:22   "Self confidence and unity bring up the victory," says Tunisia coach
25.08.2013 18:19:12   Consistent Tunisia cruise past USA in a thriller 3-1
25.08.2013 16:23:22   We did what we had to do and this made winning easier for us – coach Jothish
25.08.2013 16:05:37   India qualify for the Round of 16 with a 3-1 win against Egypt
25.08.2013 15:56:58   "I am very happy with my team's performance," says Venezuela coach
25.08.2013 15:36:29   Russia overpower Venezuela with service and defence
25.08.2013 13:38:28   "We demonstrate our strength," says Serbia's Kovacevic
25.08.2013 13:27:13   Serbia rebound to stop Canada's fever
25.08.2013 12:50:05   Better tactics and strong serving gave Argentina the victory against Mexico, coaches commented
25.08.2013 12:37:37   Argentina wins Latin American clash with Mexico in Ankara
25.08.2013 11:47:21   Rwandan players tell how volleyball becomes the No. 1 sport in their country
24.08.2013 20:37:08   My players are like warriors - coach Hizal
24.08.2013 20:19:50   "After two tough days, we can now smile," says Italy coach Bonitta
24.08.2013 20:14:08   Turkey have yet to lose a set in Pool A as they claim their third straight-set win
24.08.2013 19:55:52   Italy stun Venezuela for first win in three matches
24.08.2013 18:47:32   Today is our day - captain Ponce
24.08.2013 18:42:55   It is difficult to face the Russian blockers– France captain
24.08.2013 18:27:15   No winless teams in Pool B after Mexico beat Estonia in Ankara
24.08.2013 17:33:28   Russia attack and defence too strong for France
24.08.2013 15:57:46   I hope to keep it up in the following matches - captain Katariya
24.08.2013 15:40:12   "I am very proud of my team," says Canada coach
24.08.2013 15:39:24   India claim their first victory at the U21 World Championship in Turkey
24.08.2013 15:15:01   Canada see off resurgent Rwanda
24.08.2013 13:12:43   "This is our worst game in the last three months" says Serbia coach Sinisa Reljic
24.08.2013 13:10:09   We did what our coach told us to do and won - captain Arpajou
24.08.2013 13:06:27   Serbia's experience defeats Tunisian spirit
24.08.2013 12:51:51   Argentina earn first win in Ankara in a tight battle with Japan
23.08.2013 23:04:59   France upset Italy as favourites Russia and Serbia set first win at Men's U21
23.08.2013 21:14:06   Brazil coach Leo happy with the performance, sad to lose the epic encounter
23.08.2013 21:07:10   Giants Russia struggle hard to beat Brazil in thrilling tie-breaker
23.08.2013 20:54:00   Morocco surprisingly strong for Turkey and pleased with their performance
23.08.2013 20:34:59   Turkey maintain their perfect record with a 3-0 win against Morocco
23.08.2013 19:52:56   Metin Toy falls in love at first sight with volleyball
23.08.2013 19:18:05   My players did everything I told them to during the match - coach Nafarzadeh
23.08.2013 18:55:44   Iran shuts out Argentina in Ankara
23.08.2013 18:16:26   "We are one of the best teams in the world now, so we have to win," says Serbia's captain
23.08.2013 17:57:23   Kovacevic aids Serbia to Stun USA in straight sets
23.08.2013 17:34:57   We played with our hearts today - coach Abouzeid
23.08.2013 16:50:12   Egypt triumphs victorious in a thrilling encounter with China
23.08.2013 15:54:22   "It was our day," France coach
23.08.2013 15:19:32   France upset favourites Italy in a game of blockers
23.08.2013 13:58:57   My team played better than yesterday - coach Tali
23.08.2013 13:34:20   Estonia and Japan bring excitement with the first five-setter of the U21 World Championship
23.08.2013 12:58:05   "We know everything about Rwanda and made a pressure with service," Says Tunisia's Chekir
23.08.2013 12:39:54   Tunisia outlast Rwanda in All African clash
22.08.2013 22:23:26   Brazil take first victory on U21 World Champs opening day
22.08.2013 20:30:01   "We had to win before the more difficult matches," says France coach
22.08.2013 20:25:50   We did not expect to win this match that easily - coach Hizal
22.08.2013 20:08:43   France cruise past Venezuela in straight sets
22.08.2013 20:01:58   Turkey show some class to please the home crowd in Ankara
22.08.2013 18:32:10   "We were able to win, but our reception wasn't good," Says Tunisia coach
22.08.2013 18:31:55   We recovered from a nervous start of our first match in this championship - Japan
22.08.2013 18:14:27   Canada overwhelm spirited Tunisia 3-1
22.08.2013 18:10:52   Japan overpower Mexico in exciting battle in Ankara
22.08.2013 15:54:01   'We are happy to beat such a strong team in the opening," Says Brazil coach Leo
22.08.2013 15:40:20   Brazil prevail in close-fought contest with Italy
22.08.2013 15:34:48   Di Zhang is already thinking about China’s next match
22.08.2013 15:14:27   China proves too strong for Morocco on opening day in Ankara
22.08.2013 14:15:34   "I didn't believe we can win a set against USA," says Rwanda coach
22.08.2013 13:51:02   Both teams played high level of volleyball today - coach Nafarzadeh
22.08.2013 13:13:00   USA beat battling Rwanda in a 3-1 thriller
22.08.2013 13:10:35   Ten aces help Iran start off victorious in Ankara
21.08.2013 23:51:26   Coaches expect tight competition at Men's U21 World Championship
21.08.2013 22:44:53   Ankara set to stage the Men's U21 World Championship
21.08.2013 18:08:26   Japan has what it takes to go for gold
21.08.2013 16:32:22   We want to do something good for our troubled nation – coach Abouzeid
21.08.2013 14:32:35   Argentina expecting a very difficult World Championship
21.08.2013 14:22:13   20 teams in hunt for Men's U21 World Championship glory
21.08.2013 11:09:34   Serbia dreams second gold at Men's U21 for extraordinary generation
20.08.2013 23:53:47   Tunisia seek sound performance at Men's U21 World Champs
20.08.2013 22:29:32   "We are playing in a tough pool at U21 World Championship," Canada coach Preston
20.08.2013 20:30:59   USA aim first ever medal at Men's U21 World Championship
19.08.2013 22:19:44   Turkey ready for Volleyball U21 World Championship action
17.08.2013 19:56:07   Argentina, Brazil, Italy and Japan warm-up for Men's U21 World Championship
15.08.2013 20:56:00   Argentina in final preparations for Men's U21 World Championships in Turkey
13.08.2013 09:25:13   Argentina, Brazil, Italy and Japan warm up for U21 World Champs
24.05.2013 13:58:54   Drawing of Lots for Men’s U21 and Women’s U20 World Championships
13.05.2013 11:13:34   Line-up finalised for Men's Under-21 World Championship
13.05.2013 00:06:50   Europe's contingent determined for age-specific championships
09.03.2013 21:36:58   Tunisia reign supreme with ninth African Junior title
08.03.2013 22:33:46   Volleyball celebrates World Women's Day in Tunisia
08.03.2013 21:44:57   Tunisia and Egypt through to final of African Junior Champs
07.03.2013 23:38:07   Coaches look to take their teams as far as possible in the Men's Junior African Champs



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