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Russia coach Svetlana Safronova: Yesterday we wanted to win in every set, but today isn’t yesterday

Russia coach Svetlana Safronova

Brno, Czech Republic, June 24, 2013 – Brazil beat Russia 3-1 to confirm their lead in Pool C

Brazil coach Luizomar De Moura: Brazil and Russia are the classics teams of the championship. Girls grow up and every engagement of these teams is a great match. With every match, the rivalry grows. The win against Russia means very much for us. I’m very satisfied with the play of my team on this championship. We are still getting better. It’s very important for us to win the first place in our group.

Brazil captain Rosamaria Montibeller: This match was very hard from the beginning till the end. It was a very interesting game tonight, Russia is a very strong contender and we had to think about our tactics, otherwise we wouldn’t have win. We wanted very much 3 points  today because it means we’re staying at the first place in our group. Now we are looking forward for tomorrow. We have to concentrate us for our match versus Bulgaria.

Russia coach Svetlana Safronova: I think the first reason of our loss is in our head. Yesterday we wanted to win in every set, every single ball. But today isn’t yesterday.

Russia captain Elena Novik: We had some problems on our block today. If we could block better, the match would have been more simple for us.


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