FIVB Volleyball Girls' U18 World Championship




Finals 1-16

No Teams Date Time City Hall
71 USA-TUR 07-Jul 8:00 Mexicali Auditorio del Estao
72 EGY-FIN 07-Jul 13:11 Mexicali Auditorio del Estado
73 CUB-FRA 07-Jul 12:00 Tijuana Gimnasio de Usos Múltiples
74 MEX-CHI 07-Jul 10:06 Mexicali Auditorio del Estado
75 ARG-BRA 07-Jul 14:35 Tijuana Gimnasio de Usos Múltiples
76 BEL-KOR 07-Jul 15:29 Mexicali Auditorio del Estado
77 IRI-POL 07-Jul 17:00 Tijuana Gimnasio de Usos Múltiples
78 RUS-CHN 07-Jul 19:08 Tijuana Gimnasio de Usos Múltiples

Press releases

11/07/2013 14:59:22
A long trip back home

Playas de Tijuana, Mexico, July 10 2013 - Before the sunset over the border between Mexico and the United States, Daouda Pare had the chance for a la... More...

08/07/2013 09:12:40
Russia win gold medal with powerful exhibition

Tijuana and Mexicali, Mexico, July 7, 2013 – European champions Russia added an even more important gem to their collection of the year with the gold ... More...

08/07/2013 07:26:08
Russia performed at a superior level

Tijuana, Mexico, July 7, 2013 – Russia played phenomenal volleyball for the last two sets of their encounter against China for the gold medal of the F... More...

08/07/2013 06:58:36
Russia claim the gold medal with spectacular game

08/07/2013 05:03:15
Mexico brings good luck charm to Polish Czaja

08/07/2013 04:35:23
Poland win bronze medal in impressive style

08/07/2013 03:40:57
Asian teams represent an attractive challenge: Vanmedegael

08/07/2013 02:21:02
Coaches of Brazil and Argentina glad with results