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  Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand, August 4, 2013 – Turkey’s head coach Mehmet Bedestenlioglu expressed his satisfaction over his team’s success. Following are quotes from head coaches and team captains from Turkey and Italy.

04.08.2013 15:19:50   I congratulate every team who took part in this championship, says Turkey’s coach

04.08.2013 15:11:19   "Finally we achieved our target," says China coach
04.08.2013 15:03:21   Turkey rally past Italy in thrilling tie-breaker to claim ninth place
04.08.2013 13:25:27   China beat USA 3-0 to win gold at Girls' Under-18 World Championship
04.08.2013 13:21:52   We gained a lot of experience especially playing taller rivals, says Taipei’s coach
04.08.2013 13:15:44   In-form Taipei finish in 11th place after beating Greece
04.08.2013 13:10:59   "We are happy with the bronze," Brazil coach says
04.08.2013 12:07:01   Brazil capture bronze with win against Peru
04.08.2013 10:44:48   "We came for a medal, but now we are satisfied," Japan coach
04.08.2013 10:39:04   My players learned a lot of good things from this championship, says Puerto Rico’s coach
04.08.2013 10:37:07   Slovenia beat Puerto Rico in close battle to claim 13th place
04.08.2013 10:10:05   Japan close the World Championship in fifth position ahead of Serbia
04.08.2013 07:54:42   We played with motivation and our utmost effort to win this match, says Egypt’s coach
04.08.2013 07:52:46   Egypt stun hosts Thailand in tie-breaker to finish 15th place
04.08.2013 07:26:44   "We came for a medal, But happy with the seventh," says Poland coach
04.08.2013 07:18:44   Poland overcome the Dominican Republic for seventh position
03.08.2013 20:15:11   China and USA book Girls' U18 final spot
03.08.2013 18:06:24   China coach thanks Thai fans for support
03.08.2013 17:38:31   China secure the second final ticket after Peru traditional victory
03.08.2013 17:27:56   To win, we need a good play, says Turkey’s coach
03.08.2013 17:24:15   Turkey pull off a magnificent come-from-behind victory over battling Greece
03.08.2013 15:20:06   "We entered the match quickly after losing first set," says USA coach
03.08.2013 15:04:57   USA book first ever final ticket with thrilling tiebreaker against Brazil
03.08.2013 14:34:19   We should play in quarter-finals in this top form, not in 9th-12th playoff, says Italy's captain
03.08.2013 14:32:11   Italy repeat similar feat over Taipei to outclass pint-sized rivals in straight sets
03.08.2013 13:16:38   We learned a lot how to play taller rivals, says Thai coach
03.08.2013 13:14:17   Slovenia brush off hosts Thailand in hard-fought five-set thriller
03.08.2013 12:32:04   Serbian coach happy to show how good they are,
03.08.2013 12:10:16   Serbia fight back quells Dominican resistance in 5 set Marathon
03.08.2013 10:11:31   My team was fighting for each point," says Japan coach
03.08.2013 10:08:09   My players did not believe they could win, says Egypt's coach
03.08.2013 10:04:21   Puerto Rico claw their ways back to beat Egypt in dramatic four sets
03.08.2013 10:03:04   Japan crush Poland in Epic straight sets
03.08.2013 08:12:39   "We beat a very strong team today," says Argentina captain
03.08.2013 08:09:09   There is always winning and losing in sports competition, says Algeria’s coach
03.08.2013 08:06:33   Tunisia finish 19th after a close rally past Algeria 3-1 in all-Africans battle
03.08.2013 07:26:44   Argentina depart home in the 17th position after Mexico win
02.08.2013 19:57:06   Semifinalists determined at Girls' U18 World Championship in Thailand
02.08.2013 17:07:55   "We will play with more confidence in the semifinal," says Peru coach
02.08.2013 16:39:05   Peru claim a historic win over resurgent Serbia for a semifinal berth
02.08.2013 16:18:23   We played well for our country, says Greece’s coach
02.08.2013 16:16:31   Greece outplay old foes Slovenia in a hotly-contested all-Europeans battle
02.08.2013 14:09:32   "After second set, we couldn't come back to the game," Says Dominican captain
02.08.2013 14:06:13   Turkey's attacks are really great which foiled our blocking ability, says Thai coach
02.08.2013 14:04:13   Reigning champions Turkey prove their class above Thailand
02.08.2013 13:34:36   China claim historic victory against fighting Dominicans for a semifinal berth
02.08.2013 12:14:54   We played more relaxed and found tactics to beat them, says Taipei’s coach
02.08.2013 12:12:48   Taipei power past battling Puerto Rico in hard-fought five-set thriller
02.08.2013 11:27:31   "We will do our best to be the world champions," says USA coach
02.08.2013 11:13:50   USA into semis as Poland's dream run comes to a close
02.08.2013 09:12:23   "We committed a lot of mistake against Brazil," says Japan coach
02.08.2013 09:05:17   Mentality is necessity players can’t lack, says Italy’s coach
02.08.2013 09:03:28   Powerhouses Italy struggle to beat gallant Egypt in straight sets
02.08.2013 09:02:47   Brazil through to semifinals with Japan victory
02.08.2013 07:04:19   Greater experience plays vital role in Argentina’s win, says Tunisia’s coach
02.08.2013 07:01:45   Argentina utilize power and height advantage to outclass Tunisia in straight sets
02.08.2013 07:00:47   "We need to be ready to combat strong teams," says Mexico coach
02.08.2013 06:52:11   Mexico overpower Algeria in straight sets
01.08.2013 18:30:07   Dominicans upset defending champions as quarterfinalists confirmed at Girls' U18
01.08.2013 16:17:05   I thank my mother to give me a chance to play volleyball, says Peru’s team captain
01.08.2013 16:14:18   Peru brush off debutantes Slovenia in comfortable straight sets
01.08.2013 16:05:38   "We don't want to stop at this stage," says Serbian coach
01.08.2013 15:52:45   Serbia jump high to take over Greece for a quarterfinal berth
01.08.2013 14:40:29   We beat the world champions, says Dominican team captain
01.08.2013 14:37:48   Reigning champions Turkey suffer shock defeat to in-form Dominicans
01.08.2013 14:07:58   ”We used our heights quiet well today," says China coach
01.08.2013 13:27:07   China cruise past Hosts Thailand in a heavy contest of heights
01.08.2013 11:58:50   Chinese Taipei are a very good defensive team, says USA’s head coach
01.08.2013 11:57:04   Promising USA defeat Taipei to secure quarter-final berth
01.08.2013 11:23:30   "We suffer a lot in defence against such a good team," Says Poland captain
01.08.2013 10:53:06   Poland beat battling Puerto Rico for quarters spot
01.08.2013 09:55:19   This match should be the final of this World Championship, says Brazil’s head coach
01.08.2013 09:52:59   Determined Brazil come back to beat Italy in thrilling tie-breaker
01.08.2013 09:34:20   "We used Egypt mistakes to win, they are better than that," Says Japan coach
01.08.2013 08:30:41   Fast Japanese outlast Egypt in easy straight sets
01.08.2013 07:25:08   "We should win with a wider point difference," Says Mexico coach
01.08.2013 06:53:16   Mexico overcome improving Tunisia in straight sets
01.08.2013 06:50:35   We made too many mistakes, says Algeria’s assistant coach
01.08.2013 06:48:54   Argentina thrash Algeria in one-sided battle to snatch first win in 17th-20th playoff
31.07.2013 19:00:57   Brazil v Italy clash highlights the second round at Girls' U 18
30.07.2013 18:40:25   Girls' U18 World Championship second round teams confirmed
30.07.2013 15:22:34   China are pleased with their first target accomplished
30.07.2013 15:20:40   China stamp their class by thrashing Argentina in straight sets
30.07.2013 15:19:19   "I was preparing for the next match against China," says Thailand coach
30.07.2013 14:58:43   Home motivated Thai fly past Tunisia
30.07.2013 13:40:20   It’s hard to play Greeks who have high blockings and good serves, says Japan’s head coach
30.07.2013 13:38:34   Fired-up Japan power past Greece with come-from-behind victory to top Pool B
30.07.2013 12:50:07   "We have more confidence for second round," said Serbia coach Mariana
30.07.2013 12:38:30   Serbia make full record with fourth victory against mighty Puerto Rico
30.07.2013 11:58:12   This match is not that important for us, says Turkey’s head coach
30.07.2013 11:21:42   USA's libero proud of the victory on her Birthday
30.07.2013 10:37:47   Happy birthday to Kenzei at USA fast win over Algeria
30.07.2013 09:06:20   Dominican captain happy with both victory and Performance
30.07.2013 08:30:32   Italians are much stronger than us with exceptional tactics, says Taipei's head coach
30.07.2013 08:27:28   European giants Italy mercilessly crush pint-sized rivals in easy straight sets
30.07.2013 08:25:24   Dominican Republic see off Slovenia in a thrilling game
29.07.2013 17:19:31   Thailand entertain home crowd as 12 teams secure second round tickets at Girls' U18
29.07.2013 15:57:20   Thai coach happy to entertain home crowd
29.07.2013 15:22:10   Hosts back to winning ways against Puerto Rico
29.07.2013 15:03:20   Devastating Greece tame Argentina in straight sets to register their first win
29.07.2013 14:03:17   "We know well the Tunisian style in playing," says Egypt captain
29.07.2013 13:16:59   Egypt overwhelm Tunisia in a classic African clash
29.07.2013 13:04:08   Asian winners Japan hand European powerhouses Poland first loss
29.07.2013 12:05:32   "We started nervous and finished highly concentrating," says Brazil coach
29.07.2013 11:23:19   We play a relaxed game, says Taipei's head coach Lo Chung-Jen
29.07.2013 11:18:42   Taipei capture first victory in Girls' U18 Worlds after straight-set win over Mexico
29.07.2013 11:07:29   Brazil fight back to overwhelm resistant Slovenia
29.07.2013 09:27:04   "We are improving match by match," Says USA coach
29.07.2013 08:59:57   Title-holders Turkey end Peru’s remarkable run in their last Pool D match
29.07.2013 07:43:44   USA see off Dominican Republic for second victory
28.07.2013 18:08:32   Serbia continue superb action as Brazil suffers first defeat at girls' U18
28.07.2013 15:52:49   Unbeaten Poland struggle hard to beat Argentina in thrilling tie-breaker
28.07.2013 15:16:24   "Our performance today was very good in the whole game," Says Serbian coach Mariana
28.07.2013 14:54:22   Serbia maintain momentum with Thailand win
28.07.2013 13:06:15   "My players lack the motivation," Egypt coach
28.07.2013 12:59:00   Puerto Rico demolish Egypt for second win at Girls' U18
28.07.2013 10:46:23   "We played very well today and need to continue to the second round," says Dominican coach
28.07.2013 10:12:27   Dominican Republic maintain momentum with Algeria win
28.07.2013 08:15:38   "Brazil still can win the World championship," says USA coach
27.07.2013 19:09:43   Serbia, Turkey, Slovenia and Brazil set perfect record at Girls' U18 World Championship
27.07.2013 16:10:06   "We saved Power for the important game tomorrow against Puerto Rico," says Egyptian coach
27.07.2013 15:42:47   World No.1 China succumb to straight two losses in Girls’ U18 Worlds
27.07.2013 14:56:13   Serbia outclass Egypt in a quick straight set encounter
27.07.2013 13:58:03   Although the result is not as expected, we will do our best in the following matches, says Japan's team captain Miku Benoki
27.07.2013 13:25:32   Puerto Rico capture crucial win over Tunisia
27.07.2013 11:42:04   Chinese Taipei head coach Lo Chung-Jen says his team played with much pressure
27.07.2013 11:22:52   "I'm honoured by my team's performance against great team like USA" says Slovenia coach Joze Casar
27.07.2013 11:19:35   Terrific Turkey clinch second win after comfortable battle against Chinese Taipei
27.07.2013 11:09:40   Slovenia make formidable victory against USA
27.07.2013 09:54:48   Italy’s head coach Luca Pieragnoli says his team played below standard
27.07.2013 09:04:16   Gallant Peru stun world No.3 Italy in thrilling tie-breaker
27.07.2013 07:51:07   "It was a good chance to prepare my players," says Brazil coach
27.07.2013 07:11:15   Brazil storm past Algeria for second win
26.07.2013 17:27:14   Brazil, Poland & Japan win opening matches at Girls' U18 World Champs
26.07.2013 16:02:21   Asian champs Japan overpower world No.1 China in clash of titans
26.07.2013 15:16:54   "It is good to start the competition with a victory," says Serbian coach
26.07.2013 15:11:11   Serbia open with victory over Tunisia
26.07.2013 14:10:37   Turkey out of the starting block with win against Italy
26.07.2013 14:07:44   Turkey come back from behind to down Italy in dramatic four sets
26.07.2013 14:06:23   "This team does not have much experience in world-class-competitions" - Thai coach
26.07.2013 13:53:58   Poland coach proud of players as they win hard fought against Greece
26.07.2013 13:31:19   Poland recover from two-set down to win hard-fought five-set thriller against Greece
26.07.2013 12:41:00   Thailand entertain home crowd with win against Egypt
26.07.2013 10:18:13   "My players were nervous in the first set" - Mauricio Thomas (Brazil)
26.07.2013 08:58:24   Peru coach glad to win opening match against Mexico
26.07.2013 08:23:32   Brazil rebound to overcome fighting Dominicans
26.07.2013 07:07:41   In-form Peru beat Mexico in their first match of the Championship
26.07.2013 06:54:29   "My players were afraid when they saw the tall Slovenia players," says Algeria coach Kamel Rabia
26.07.2013 06:45:46   Slovenia beat Algeria in impressive style
25.07.2013 21:11:40   Thailand welcomes FIVB Girls' U18 World Championship
25.07.2013 20:38:13   Coaches set their standards high for the Girls' U18 World Championship
24.07.2013 20:49:09   Thailand gears up to host the FIVB Girls U18 World Championship
23.07.2013 22:19:29   Algeria in intense build up to girls World Championship
09.05.2013 16:42:19   Tough draw for China at FIVB Girls’ U18 World Championship
05.05.2013 14:56:48   Brazil wins gold at U-18 Pan Am Cup
03.05.2013 13:58:07   Argentina and Puerto Rico join the semifinalists
03.05.2013 06:10:51   FIVB Volleyball Girls' U18 World Championship teams confirmed
02.05.2013 09:44:46   Puerto Rico books ticket to Thailand
30.04.2013 23:35:30   Puerto Rico moves one step closer to Thailand
30.04.2013 12:55:14   Puerto Rico and Chile start off on the right foot
29.04.2013 03:37:05   Girls' U18 Pan American Cup begins in Guatemala
08.04.2013 19:04:48   U-18 Girls Pan American Cup to be held in Guatemala
07.04.2013 21:38:40   Six European countries qualify to FIVB U18 World Championship
07.04.2013 16:13:03   Germany take last spot for European Youth Olympic Festival coming up in July
06.04.2013 21:12:51   Poland and Italy to battle for gold at CEV Girls' Youth Volleyball Championship
06.04.2013 15:21:04   Greece and Slovenia claim tickets for FIVB Girls' Youth World Championship in Thailand
04.04.2013 21:42:06   Italy conclude Pool I play with perfect 5-0 record at CEV Girls' Youth Volleyball Championship
03.04.2013 23:20:46   Germany and Russia take last top-eight tickets from Pool II at CEV Girls' Championship
03.04.2013 22:05:32   Poland in pole position for fourth semifinal spot at CEV Girls' Youth Volleyball Championship
02.04.2013 22:36:28   Turkey in Pool II top spot at CEV Girls' Youth Volleyball Championship
01.04.2013 22:38:01   Poland and Czech Republic keep CEV Girls' Youth World Championship semifinal hopes alive
31.03.2013 23:34:40   Italy in impressive comeback at CEV Girls' Youth Volleyball European Championship
31.03.2013 23:27:44   Turkey and Serbia unbeaten at 2013 CEV Girls' Youth Volleyball European Championship
30.03.2013 23:54:47   The Netherlands, Serbia & Turkey forge ahead at CEV Girls' Youth European Championship
30.03.2013 23:00:08   Poland, Italy, Czech Republic off to good start at 2013 CEV Girls' Youth Championship
29.03.2013 23:29:44   Serbia, Turkey & Germany win matches at CEV Girls’ Youth European Championship
29.03.2013 02:39:58   Egypt riding high after claiming three age-category African Nations Championship titles
27.03.2013 23:48:33   Egypt, Tunisia and Algeria in FIVB U18 World Championship
27.03.2013 10:10:19   Egypt secure place at FIVB Girls' U18 World Championships
26.03.2013 00:35:18   Egypt and Algeria score opening day victories at Girls Youth African Championship
25.03.2013 00:25:01   Egypt to meet neighbours Tunisia on opening day of Girls Youth African Championship
18.01.2013 13:51:19   Drawing of lots for CEV Youth European Championships
09.01.2013 15:49:46   Peru president welcomes national youth squad to government palace
08.01.2013 14:07:59   Egypt to host Girls Youth African Nations Championship in Cairo
27.11.2012 11:39:00   Peru win 2012 South American Girls' Youth Championship title and Argentina qualify for Worlds in Thailand
26.11.2012 12:18:48   Brazil and Peru qualify for the 2013 FIVB Girls' U18 World Championship in Thailand
25.11.2012 14:40:54   Brazil to face Chile, Argentina to meet Peru in South American Girls Championship semis
24.11.2012 15:03:40   Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru reach South American Girls' Youth semifinals
23.11.2012 09:40:13   Girls' Youth South American Volleyball Championship off to an exciting start
18.11.2012 15:09:51   South American Girls' Youth Championship begins on Tuesday
22.10.2012 11:37:30   Japan, China and Chinese Taipei qualify for 2013 FIVB Girls' U18 World Championship
20.10.2012 11:15:53   China, Japan to face off in Asian Youth Girls' finale
19.10.2012 11:37:54   China, Chinese Taipei, Japan and Korea are final four in Asian Youth Girls’ Championship
18.10.2012 14:58:13   Vietnam and Iran succeed in day six playoffs
17.10.2012 15:03:13   Competition heats up in day five of Asian Youth Girls’ Championship
16.10.2012 11:39:18   Straight-set victories mark day four at Asian Youth Girls’ Championship
15.10.2012 12:00:00   Pool leaders emerge in day three of Asian Youth Girls’ Championship
14.10.2012 12:00:00   China, India, Japan, Kazakhstan, Chinese Taipei enjoy victory on day two
13.10.2012 12:00:00   Hong Kong debut at Asian youth championship with tough win over Vietnam
12.08.2012 20:27:20   USA claim gold at NORCECA Girls' Championship
12.08.2012 14:57:38   Mexican Duran shines among male peers



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