JPN / Japan - Team Composition

Team manager TORIBA Kenji
Head coach SAKO Noriaki
Assistant coach FURUTA Hiroyuki
Doctor NISHINO Tomofumi
Therapist / trainer INOUE Yoshihiro
Journalist TANAKA Yuko
    No.   Name Lastname Shirt Name Birthdate Height Weight Spike Block Club
  C 1 Sho Kuboyama Kuboyama 04.02.1992 180 67 325 310 University of East Asia
  2   Kurisu Hosonaka Hosonaka 25.05.1991 192 80 335 320 Juntendo university
  3 Ryota Denda Denda 03.07.1991 191 88 345 327 Toyoda Gosei Trefuerza
  4   Taiki Tsuruda Tsuruda 13.07.1991 177 76 330 305 Suntory Sunbirds
  5 Takashi Dekita Dekita 13.08.1991 200 94 346 331 Sakai Blazers
  6   Issei Maeda Maeda 22.09.1991 181 71 315 305 University of Tsukuba
  7 Masataka Uechi Uechi 21.12.1991 175 74 320 300 Asahi University
  8   Yamato Fushimi Fushimi 24.12.1991 207 113 340 330 JTEKT Stings
  9 Daiki Hisahara Hisahara 26.12.1991 184 75 325 310 University of Tsukuba
  L 10   Satoshi Tsuiki Ide 16.01.1992 174 74 303 290 Toray Arrows
  11 Kodai Yoshioka Yoshioka 14.03.1992 188 83 335 310 University of East Asia
  12   Yosuke Arai Arai 02.07.1991 185 83 338 317 Chuo University
 C=Captain  L=Libero
Team profile

Japan will bring 19 players with them to this year’s tournament, all of which come from University teams in the country. Even though the team is not very tall they hope to compete with a quick speed and high quality combination.
Many players participated in the 2008 Asian Youth Championship where they won silver. As a result of this competition, they advanced into the 2009 FIVB Volleyball Boys’ Youth World Championship in Italy before they won the Asian Championship last year.
The country sees this as a very important tournament for young players, and by winning this tournament; the players will become stronger mentally and physically. 

Coach profile

Noriaki Sako, 58, is an enthusiastic and experienced volleyball coach. Sako started playing volleyball at the age of 13 and it is no exaggeration to say that since then he has been devoted to volleyball. In 1977, after graduating from university, he joined a team in Japan Volleyball League, the top volleyball league in Japan (the current Volleyball Premier League). At the age of 34, Sako took up coaching volleyball at the University of East Asia. Up to now, Sako has led his university team and his team is one of the best university teams in Japan. He gained invaluable experience and confidence over his coaching career. Sako was appointed as the assistant coach of the Japanese men’s team for East Asian Games 2000. After that, he was named coach of the Japan university team. From 2004, Sako has led the Japan junior men’s team as coach.
Sako’s coaching methods have a good reputation and his coaching policy is not to stereotype his players, but to develop their potential to the fullest. Sako has produced many top volleyball players in Japan.