FIVB Volleyball Girls' U18 World Championship

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"It’s always difficult to play against teams from Japan," says Molico coach

Sheilla Castro (Molico Osasco- BRA) spiking against double block of Hisamitsu- JPN

 Molico Osasco coach Luizomar De Moura:

Zurich, Switzerland, May7, 2014- "It’s always difficult to play against teams from Japan. They’ve got a lot of variety in their game play. We proved patience, what made the difference today. We had some problems in the second set with our own side-out and it didn’t function as we wanted. We want to focus now on the second game against Dinamo Kazan. It will be an interesting game, because there will be two different schools of volleyball: The Russian and Brazilian one. We want to take advantage of our fast and strong play.”

Molico Osasco captain Sheilla Castro:

“We started well, but started to struggle in the second set, which brought Hisamitsu back into the game. We have to prepare now for the next game against the Russians, because I think that this game will be much harder and we want to improve a lot for this important game.”

Hisamitsu Springs coach Kumi Nakada:

“It was a hard game. I think that we committed to many errors in our game. We have to work on our game for the next game and put more pressure on our opponents by servicing well. The second set showed that we can play really well against taller teams. The players know it from the national team.”

Hisamitsu Spring captain Mizuho Ishida:

“We struggled at the very beginning of the game, but found back to our game in the second set. As their players were taller than we are, it was important to find other opportunities in our game play. I think it was the first game of our tournament and we have to find our rhythm in the next games.”

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