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Belogorie Belgorod earn second win after clash against Sada Cruzeiro

Despite the defeat against Belgorod, home team Cruzeiro qualified for the semifinals

Belo Horizonte, Brazil, May 7, 2014 - Russia’s Belogorie Belgorod greatly improved since their first game and defeated defending champions Sada Cruzeiro in the last match of Day 3 at FIVB Men’s Club World Championship, by 3-1 (25-20, 25-18, 21-25, 33-31). However, the home team is already qualified for the semifinals.

German opposite György Grozer was the most prolific scorer with 26 points, while giant Dmitriy Muserskiy contributed with 20 tallies. Cruzeiro earned most of their points due to Russian errors and the best scorer turned out to be Wallace De Souza, who charted 15.

The game showed a fast pace from the very beginning, with awesome serves. The first lead went to Belogorie, after three points in a row of Muserskiy to 8-6. Though Belgorod went further, to 12-6, Isac Santos served strongly and, with an ace included, led the way to just one point behind (12-11). However, the Russian side kept Cruzeiro away, combining points from Sergey Tetyukhin and Maxim Panteleymonenko to 16-13. For the third time in the set, a serve from Belgorod rested on the net before falling in Brazilian field, and the board turned to 20-16. After a timeout, Panteleymonenko added a new ace (21-16) and Grozer completed the effort by 25-20.

Encouraged, Belgorod rapidly took control in the second set, to 6-1 and 8-3. Yoandy Leal caused a major ovation blocking with Santos, then adding a great counterattack, and a failed ball by Grozer placed the home side at range (9-8). Belogorie achieved the side-out just in time and held the lead to 12-10, but Leal reappeared as the set was much leveled than the previous one. Nevertheless, Muserskiy remained effective and the Russian powerhouse advanced to 16-13. From then on, it was just about waiting for Belogorie, which rested on Grozer’s spikes and Muserskiy’s blocks to maintain and also enhance the lead to 23-16. The time for the 2-0 came with Grozer, at 25-18. 

Decided to finish it off, Belgorod repeated the formula: Muserskiy and Grozer kept rolling to an 8-5 on the board. Leal carried the flag for Sada Cruzeiro with great serving and Wallace De Souza joined him with a subtle ball and a block to 12-10. Travica had a hard time and Filipe Ferraz, in contrast, showed some good pulse to score the 16-13 with a smart touch. Grozer came back with a firm block (17-16), but Douglas Cordeiro answered the same way and rebuilt the difference to 20-16. Filipe and Leal teamed up to round up the set, by 25-21.

As happened in all sets so far, Belogorie was the team that grabbed the first lead, but this time only by two at the first TTO (8-6). Such narrow gap was easy to jump for Cruzeiro, with Wallace and Eder as main weapons and also taking benefits from Belgorod’s errors. The local team tied the score at 14 and the match entered its closest part. Tetyukhin gave Belgorod a slight advantage at 19-17, but Leal enlightened the home crowd with a great block at 21-21. The Cuban performed another block facing Grozer hand-to-hand (24-23), but Muserskiy pressured from the service line to give Belgorod the match ball at 25-24. Sada Cruzeiro saved four of those, but Panteleymonenko fired and ace and closed the game at 33-31.

Sada Cruzeiro already finished his run at Pool A, securing their place at the semifinals due to set ratio. Belgorod, meanwhile, need at least one point against Matin Varamin to do the same. 

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